Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Hitachi Energy provides Sweden and the world with power technology

Hitachi Energy develops and manufactures technology for scalable electric power transmission. The current energy debate does not only cover pricing, but also how more energy can be produced and transported via the power grid. The same questions are just as important in other countries as in Sweden.

Jonas Holmgren factory manager Hitachi Energy Piteå.

The industry’s green transition has begun globally and is largely led from Northern Sweden. This is where the largest conversion projects are planned, including the world’s first facilities for the production of green steel. Large-scale facilities are also planned here to produce all the renewable electricity needed to run these steel mills.

For Hitachi Energy, the transition means above all that technology and components for power transmission will be needed on a much larger scale and will also become available faster than before. The demand is expected to be so great that the company is now recruiting in all areas of expertise in the Swedish business and with a focus to the Northern region.

“Since the close future is characterised by huge investments in Norrbotten and Västerbotten in particular, it will be a challenge for everyone in the region searching for industrial competence. In the past, it has mainly been a challenge for us to recruit for our white-collar positions, but now we experience significantly tougher competition in all areas”, says Malin Correia, Account Manager at Hitachi Energy.

Expecting more regional deliveries

All development is of course good for the Northern region. Hitachi Energy is a company that is well positioned with a product and service portfolio that is further developed in line with what is needed to bring the green transition forward. A change that requires a lot of energy.

As part of a global operation, Hitachi Energy in Piteå has primarily been an internal supplier of various types of components found in switchgear, and until now almost all production has been exported. But the demand for this type of technology will increase significantly also in Sweden with more customers and larger projects locally.

“We provide Sweden and the world with high voltage products, digital solutions and HVDC technology. The establishments that are underway bring completely new development opportunities for the region. We are already seeing a significant change where we are quickly establishing more regional collaborations and making more regional deliveries”, Malin Correia explains.

Need to recruit nationally and globally

Competence supply is one of the most important concerns for Hitachi Energy in Sweden right now. In order to be able to meet the market’s demands, the business need to recruit 1000 people in the Swedish business, and the factory in Öjebyn needs to switch up its production, but to do so, sufficient labour is needed first.

“We are completely aware that the workforce of the future will not only originate from Norrbotten”, states Malin Correia.

“We need to recruit nationally and to some extent globally. Most important is that we can show that Hitachi Energy is an attractive employer with exciting technology and products. In addition, the company is focusing on equality. In Luleå Norrbotten, we have an even distribution of half women and half men employed. That, combined with the fact that the technology we are developing contributes to the green transition, should take us far in our recruitment journey”.