Mån 25 sep / År 41 / Nr 3 2023

Get ahead with the right development tools and support from Prevas

Prevas can take their customers’ projects further than ever before. This is primarily due to dedicated up-scaling of the company’s activities involving Life Science. There is also a brand new strategy in place, clearly defining what the Life Science industry customers need and where Prevas can make a difference.  

Robert Tönhardt, Life Science Director at Prevas.

Prevas works closely with customers in developing projects within medical technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and even within the area of combined products. Within all the mentioned areas, Prevas consultants’ characteristic expertise in industrial design can effectively be combined with know-how in areas specifically important to players in the Life Science industry, such as QA, RA, product and/or prototype construction, testing, clinical development and trials, and so on.  

“We have extensive experience in developing complete products in-house. Customers often come to us with an idea or an innovation that has not yet been verified. We help them through all stages, from the initial verification process of innovations, and all the way to a complete and approved product. Furthermore, we can put the product into production and help with CE certification and the whole process around that as well”, explains Robert Tönhardt, Life Science Director at Prevas.

The Prevas approach

Prevas employs a very flexible approach to customer projects overall, offering everything in the range of a few consultancy hours to full in-house projects over the course of several years. Project sizes range from one to over 50 dedicated developers at a time. And most importantly, Prevas has the flexibility to accommodate all types of projects, in any Life Science-related area. So what types of projects are most common?

“Lately many customers have asked for help in the specification of the regulatory strategy, as well as with the process of classifying the safety-level of their software and help to set up QMS. We have also seen some extra demand on our ISO13485-certified design and construction facility for developing complete medtech products”, says Robert Tönhardt, and continues:

“To become better in supporting our customers we have to some extent re-structured Prevas’ Life Science department when it comes to our offer and strategy. In that process, we have divided Life Science in several different areas or divisions, such as one separate division for the development of pharmaceuticals and one for the development of medical technology products, for example”.

The latest developments

The result in getting a more precise structure of Prevas in Life Science, is that the company can provide much better and more tailored services to its customers. The latest developments within the Prevas Life Science offer consist of the addition of services in industrial design and a whole new expert team set up in cyber security.

Prevas has a strong presence in the Medicon Valley region, with over 30 consultants dedicated to Life Science projects employed in Denmark, and almost as many consultants in the Lund-Malmö area. The number of consultants in Life Science is likely to increase as Prevas has a clear strategy when it comes to the development of a strong presence in the region, specifically focusing on QA and RA for the time being.

With active memberships in key networks and incubators such as Medicon Village and the SmiLe incubator in Lund, Medicoindustrien in Denmark and the Danish Life Science Cluster, Prevas has the ability to attract talents to facilitate the company’s goal of becoming a preferred partner in the development of entire projects; from idea to certified product.