Sön 14 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Providing care on equal terms

The Peritus Clinic in Lund aims to support public healthcare clinics in Sweden, ensuring that urological patients are offered person-centered care on equal terms. The clinic was built to make a difference in the treatment and care of urological patients, specialising in prostate cancer, ensuring diagnosis and treatment without delay.

It is fantastic to work with the latest technology and with systems that actually work flawlessly day after day, says urologist Ane Krag Jacobsen.

The Peritus Clinic has sufficient capacity to establish cooperation with county hospitals and clinics, in addition to the collaboration already established with for example the Halland Region. The clinic has all the means to the support public health care system all the way from diagnosing to treating urological diseases.

“The clinic is a state-of-the-art hospital. We are looking forward to new collaborations in the near future. What we have to offer is high quality health care for patients, and based on feedback from the patient’s organisations and published statistics we know that the need is great”, says Peritus Clinic CEO Åsa Dahm.

Can support public cancer clinics

Although the Peritus Clinic has a large capacity to support public cancer care, presently most of the patients at the clinic have private health care insurance. Some patients are privately funding their own care. This is often done to avoid the long waiting times that prevail throughout the public healthcare.

“The clinic opened in September 2020, and we have shown that we can shorten waiting times. We can help the public healthcare fulfil its promises according to the care guarantee, which in Halland is 60 days and in Skåne 90 days. The fact that we can help shorten waiting times, and also maintain the highest quality of our services, makes us a strong partner for public healthcare providers”, says Åsa Dahm.

At the Peritus Clinic research collaborations are ongoing, including key projects with the University of Lund and Region Skåne. Collaborations involve both the private sector and public healthcare providers.

Great place of care – great place to work

The Peritus Clinic is most likely the most technologically advanced and efficient care provider when it comes to urology and prostate cancer care in Sweden. Aside from being a top-class clinic to patients, it is also a great place to work.

“We set the bar high from the very beginning and built a world-class clinic. We hired all the staff, invested in all the most modern technology before the clinic opened. This means that what we deliver today is of the best quality”, explains Åsa Dahm.

“The clinical work is completely adapted to each patient and their individual needs. We have the highest standards regarding both competence and technology. It is fantastic to work with the latest technology and with systems that actually work flawlessly day after day. As a urologist, I want to be able to spend my time on what I do best, that is, clinical work with patients. I feel that my skills are used at their best here at the Peritus Clinic”, says urologist Ane Krag Jacobsen.

Why time is of the essence

In cancer every delay is of evil. Patients’ health deteriorates in the care queue and a cancer disease deteriorate from being curable to difficult to treat or even incurable. Of course, the socio-economic consequences of protracted wait in care queues are considerable.

The Peritus Clinic has the resources and skills to collaborate with the public health care units and together with them secure that the patients get the correct treatment without delay.  

“We aim to reduce waiting times so that patients can be treated within two weeks of a cancer diagnosis with elevated PSA, as we offer diagnostics and treatment all under the same roof. We can offer even shorter waiting times than the two weeks, and this makes us a state of the art clinic and probably the fastest in our area of practice. Time is of the essence to our patients – and to us”, says Ane Krag Jacobsen.