Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

The Holy Grail to promote better public health and wellbeing

Lundoch Diagnostics was founded by Dr Yang De Marinis in 2020. The company is widely known for the development and launch of the world’s first and only blood test technology to detect diabetes risk many years before diagnosis or any symptoms appear. This is the Holy Grail to promote better public health and wellbeing.

Yang De Marinis, A scientist, entrepreneur and fighter.

Dr Yang De Marinis aims high. As Associate Professor at Lund University and Professor at Shandong University, she led and published a large international study on more than 7000 individuals from 8 countries, followed for over an extensive period of time of up to 20 years. In this study, she discovered biomarkers in the blood that can be used to predict type 2 diabetes many years before an individual develops the disease.

“Since type 2 diabetes is largely preventable if the risk is detected early enough, this discovery makes way for a significant improvement in public health, giving an individual the chance to improve their lifestyle to prevent type 2 diabetes. I daresay that this is a major step in saving the world from diabetes”, says Yang De Marinis.

The first important steps

Based on the scientific findings, Yang De Marinis has developed LDcoder, the world’s first and only blood test technology to detect diabetes risk in individuals at a very early stage, at least four years before diagnosis, a valuable window for diabetes prevention. LDcoder is AI-driven, and has been commercialised through Lundoch Diagnostics, with filed patents in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Australia and Canada.

In addition, a cloud solution of LDcoder has already been implemented, providing large data analysis and management capacity. Lundoch also obtained CE marking for the LDcoder software, and two protein assays for blood test within the LDcoder platform. The first important steps have been taken to change the outcome of the diabetes threat to humankind worldwide.

“Obesity is widely linked to the development of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Obesity affects more than 30 per cent of the US population including children, and there is a similar trend across Europe as well. The need to find a way to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes is great all over the world. Prevention is better than cure! This is the mission that inspired me from the very beginning.”, says Yang De Marinis.

Choose health over disease

The LDcoder blood biomarkers for diabetes prediction are easily accessible through a simple blood test. Finding risks early enough offers the individuals at high risk the chance to improve their lifestyles for prevention.

Yang De Marinis points out that despite the devastating consequences of diabetes and its complications, the awareness of diabetes is still low.

“It is very important that society at large can create a better awareness about diabetes and the damage it causes to the individual and society. For example, diabetes is one of the major causes of blindness, amputation, kidney and heart failure. More than 10 percent of the world population is affected by diabetes, of which, over 90 percent is actually preventable lifestyle-associated type 2 diabetes.”, she says.

“Obesity and unhealthy lifestyle can lead to type 2 diabetes and many other diseases, which in turn is going to consume a huge amount of medical resources. The quality of life for people with diabetes is greatly affected, which many people are not at all aware of. All this can be avoided with a simple blood test, predicting diabetes risk, creating awareness and helping people choose health over disease”.

Lundoch Diagnostics is currently establishing service network to provide LDcoder to various healthcare providers and blood testing service centers in different countries. This will make the tests widely available to all citizens, to know their risk and stop diabetes!