Mån 17 jun / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Beat the challenge of moving through the stages of drug development and clinical trials  

Clinical Trials Consultants, CTC, is building a stronger connection to the Gothenburg region by establishing a new facility at GoCo Health Innovation City. This is also part of the new strategy to expand the company’s site network, today consisting of six clinics.

Chef Business development officer Maria Englund och Ceo Anders Millerhovf

CTC GoCo extends CTC’s geographical coverage, enabling a greater number of patients in the western part of Sweden to participate in clinical trials and will further expedite CTC’s patient recruitment in multi-centre trials. The expanding Site Network is expected to be attractive to both small- and mid-sized pharma companies as well as to Big Pharma.

Why partnering up with CTC is a good idea

As a full-service CRO with fully equipped in-house research clinics with permanent doctors and nurses working according to common standardised processes, CTC has unique capabilities for efficient trial conduct compared to many competitors in the industry.  

The tricky task of moving seamlessly through the clinical development phases is something that most small to medium-sized medical drug developers need help with. More and more companies are outsourcing the management and conduct of clinical trials. By partnering with a CRO like CTC, they ensure that the studies are carried out by experts who know the challenges, have the experience and the potential to take the project further in a more efficient way. The regulations and guidelines governing the conduct of clinical trials change over time, necessitating continuous adaptations. All the more reason to team up with experts in the field.

CTC can take on any project in the process of moving from the pre-clinical phase to early stages of clinical development. Beyond Phase II, CTC’s Site Network, now further bolstered by GoCo, offers clinical conduct and recruitment of patients in most indications. With personalised service, flexibility and swift issue resolution, CTC embodies the qualities of a boutique CRO, yet boasts substantial and expanding capacity for conducting large-scale studies within its growing Site Network.

CTC is no rookie

CTC GoCo opened on October 1st this year. The grand opening presented a full clinical team, ready to take on new projects in the region. The choice of location is clever. GoCo is the new black, so to speak. GoCo is the youngest Life Science cluster in Sweden, a fast-moving arena for innovation, collaboration and new business to flourish.

Even though GoCo is new, most of the stakeholders behind it are not. GoCo has been initiated by private and public businesses and organisations with decades of experience, well-established financiers and guardians. The founders and founding partners are no rookies. And CTC is no rookie either.

Within CTC, there are hundreds of success stories, hundreds of projects that have been taken from early development to first in man trials and then to the next level. Many drugs are now commercially available medicines.

Aside from the new facility GoCo, CTC has strong presence in the Uppsala-Stockholm area with 4 research clinics including one FIH unit at the Uppsala University Hospital. Recently, a new clinic was also set up in Linköping. The site network is likely to expand further within the near future, based on a strong market demand.