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Clinical studies made easier – through collaboration.

Gothia Forum is a supporting partner for companies and researchers in the process of conducting clinical studies. Being a supporting partner means in this sense to provide both knowledge and clinical study services that help developers reach their goals faster. Clinical studies made easier – through collaboration with the right partner.

Dennis Larsson, Managing Director of Gothia Forum

After years of research and development you reach the first in man clinical trials, and a whole new world of opportunities – and challenges – are presented. It may seem overwhelming, especially considering all the rules and regulations that are connected to performing clinical trials. That is why Gothia Forum has developed a range of supporting services throughout the entire clinical study process.

“We have experts in different areas required to conduct clinical studies. It could be anything from giving advice when starting a clinical study, to providing complex regulatory guidance. Our clinical trial unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Clinical Trial Center, conducts clinical trials from First-in-human to phase IV as well as a vast experience MedTech studies.”, explains Dennis Larsson, Managing Director of Gothia Forum – a non-profit service provider within Region Västra Götaland.

Opens the door to healthcare collaboration

Gothia Forum is focused on collaboration in Västra Götaland and the Gothenburg region,. Being a part of Clinical Studies Sweden, they also have a strong collaboration with other service providers in the healthcare sector throughout all of Sweden.

“We support both small and large companies, research institutions and groups, even single researchers and small teams in the area. Being located both at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and GoCo House at the GoCo Health Innovation City, we offer a fast lane to cooperation with healthcare in Västra Götland , making it easier to conduct clinical studies here”, Dennis continues.

Gothia Forum facilitates collaboration between life science companies, academia, and the public health sector. Through the service “Feasibility Sweden” - a point of contact for quick responses to feasibility requests, Gothia Forum offers companies and researchers quick responses to feasibility requests directed to healthcare. This opens for a greater access to patient groups and can lead to an increased recruitment of patients, a difficult task when it comes to clinical studies.  

Making things happen

Supporting collaboration will ideally make way for more studies to take place in the region, which is of utmost importance to the life science cluster. Gothia Forum is an important part of the growing life science cluster in the Gothenburg region and has a significant role in attracting more studies to Västra Götaland.  The cluster, with GoCo Health Innovation City at its core, is one of the largest clusters in the Nordic countries with more than 10 000 employees.

“It’s important that we are an active part of this fast-growing cluster where industry, academia and health care collaborate. Our network is extensive and covers all areas of public and private healthcare in the region. We provide a single entry to the entire health care system in Västra Götaland, contacts that could be hard to establish without our support. Gothia Forum acts as a speaking partner throughout the entire study process and can manage the entire clinical study within our trial unit Clinical Trial Center. This is why we can say that we truly provide a fast lane to further research and development”, says Dennis.