Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Piteå to become even more appealing

At the time of writing, some of Europe’s largest industries are being established around Piteå. Namely the battery factory in Skellefteå, green steel mills in Boden and Gällivare, the sustainable mine in Kiruna and, not least, world-leading industrial research in Luleå. What about Piteå? Piteå is not going without in the strong development phase that is now underway.

The project managers Hannah Degerman, Fredrik Blom and Sara Holm at the business department will help you who want to establish yourself in Piteå municipality.

Piteå was in fact first in the Norrbotten – Västerbotten region to have a large-scale establishment with the Markbygden wind power park. With that establishment, the bar was set high for future industrial establishments, not least in that Markbygden wind power park secures a large part of the green energy that the green industry of the new era needs. When complete, the Markbygden wind power park is likely to generate 8 per cent of the total energy supply in Sweden. And Markbygden is located just outside the Piteå conurbation.

A good starting position for establishments

Piteå is a municipality with many exciting opportunities from several perspectives, and Markbygden’s development is not the only advantage of the location.

“We are located in the middle of Sweden’s most expansive region from an establishing point of view. No other region has such large industrial establishments and, moreover, everything is happening at the same time now. Piteå is in the best position because we are about the same distance from all the big things that are happening, which means that we have a good starting point for subcontractors and labour who want to establish themselves in the region”, says Hannah Degerman, project manager at the business department, Piteå municipality.

Creating a climate that favours new establishments and new inhabitants one of the municipality’s three priority goals. Piteå is to have 46,000 inhabitants as early as 2030. The second goal is an improved business climate that contributes to securing welfare. The third goal is about increased social community with diversity.

All three goals go hand in hand with the business department’s work to make the municipality visible and accessible. It also includes skills provision where a large part of the work revolves around inspiring and attracting more people to move to Piteå.

“Increased settlement is not only desirable, it is crucial for the region to be able to supply the large industrial establishments with labour. Basing entire industries on fly in - fly out does not last long. More skills are needed in the region and Piteå provides a fantastic place to live”, says Fredrik Blom, project manager at the business department.

Why settle in Piteå?

What is it then that makes Piteå so appealing? According to many who live in the municipality, it is about small scale and simplicity. Because it is close to everything, there are really good opportunities in Piteå to create a healthy lifestyle, where it is easier to combine work with active leisure.

“In Piteå, we would like to highlight the soft values that are so important for more people to want to move to the region. Not everyone will want to move because we have large establishments in the region, but many will want to move to a place that provides security and where there is good service. We have that in Piteå”, says Sara Holm, also a project manager in the business department.

An attractive whole is needed to get people to move, and this applies in particular to people who may not have had any connection to the town or region before.

“The fact that Piteå ends up in the top ten among Sweden’s top school municipalities is a good start, but we can become even better, and not least when it comes to housing, detailed planning work, infrastructure, service to our companies to name a few important points. We are working to achieve that now”, says Patric Lundström, municipal councilor in Piteå.

Piteå will market the municipality in a new way with the initiative Attractive Piteå (Attraktiva Piteå), which includes all the soft values that make a place appealing to new inhabitants, visitors and establishments. That work has now begun within the Piteå business department.