Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Integrum to deliver future standard treatment after amputation

Doctor Rickard Brånemark has developed the way osseointegration can be used to promote bone growth in various limbs via his company Integrum, founded in Gothenburg. The need to utilise the technology is great worldwide. Traditional socket prostheses have limitations that are hard to accept if you know what Integrum can deliver, and will deliver in the very near future.

Doctor Rickard Brånemark, second from the right, prepares his team for an operation.

Osseointegration is still the best and most reliable method for anchoring implants. It started out with teeth, but today osseointegration is used in many other types of implants. The technology to grow the implant into the skeleton is basically the same as it is with teeth, but it has taken decades of development to enable the same technology for larger implants such as leg and arm replacements.

Game-changing developments

Integrum’s research team has developed the OPRATM Implant System, hoping it will become the standard treatment after amputation. Very early on in the development process, collaboration and partnership was established with Veteran Affairs in the US. This has paved way for further development, not only in the US, but across the rest of the world as well.

“Our system completely changes the view of what standard of living and functionality can be achieved after an amputation,” says Rickard Brånemark, who in addition to being the founder and CEO of Integrum is an internationally recognized surgeon and researcher.

“In only a couple of years, we have grown tremendously, we have secured the very best expertise in our field, and we have reached a new milestone in that we are now able to deliver our implants on a larger scale”, says Brånemark.

Proven concept

Integrum has proven its concept several times over, both in the US and Europe.

The latest development is being able to assist in the very large amputation business in Ukraine and other warzones across the world. The situations in these areas have created an even greater need for fast and secure amputation treatment. Rickard Brånemark has performed many such operations and treatments in person. This work continues, and most important is to educate local surgeons on how to perform the treatments using Integrum’s technology.

“We do make a difference and that has always been our goal. I daresay that we have developed the very best, the most effective and most reliable technology for amputation treatment that is available today. We know that the need is great worldwide. We know that our technology is sought after. Most important for us now is to make our solutions available to more people, on more markets across the globe”, says Brånemark.

More than just selling implants

In Ukraine alone, it is estimated that over 100 000 amputation treatments will be performed by end of 2024.

“This is so much bigger than just selling implants”, says Brånemark. “Our work in Ukraine and other war- and/or disaster torn areas has placed us on a whole new level. It is our mission to provide better quality of life to as many as we can. We have the opportunity to make a difference – and we are. We will continue with this very important work in the future as well”.