Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

The importance of having a communication strategy can never be overrated

Developing amazing products and therapies that can change the outcome of treatments, improve quality of life and/or promote better health will only benefit people and society if they are available to many. Availability has a lot to do with communicating what it is that is available, how it can improve treatments and so on. Communication is key, but many companies lack the time and knowledge of how to do it effectively.

Helena Johansson, Co-Founder together with Caroline Zander, Project manager & partner.

There is no point in waiting for the market to come to you. You need to bring your product and/or services to the market, you need to communicate the benefits of your innovation, progress, partnerships and so on. Even start-ups at the very beginning of their journey need to master the art of successful communication.

Any company, large or small, needs a strategy for its communication within and outside of the organisation. Building such a strategy may seem overwhelming, you want to put your valuable time into developing your innovation. This is where Gothenburg-based Rymd Communication enters the stage.

Within Rymd Communication there is a lot of collected knowledge on how to best build communication strategies that actually work. Helena Johansson founded the company 25 years ago, and since then the client base has grown each year. However, gathering clients just for the sake of it is not the ambition.

“Providing the very best solutions for great communication, regardless of business area or size, has and always will be the ultimate goal for us”, says Caroline Zander, Partner, Rymd Communication.

Focusing on solutions rather than problems

Rymd Communication is a long-term partner in the development and implementation of successful communication strategies. Rather than focusing on problems and quick-fix solutions, Rymd Communication digs deeper into the core of what needs to be communicated, how and when, and to whom.

“Many of our clients have been with us for a long time, some even since the very beginning 25 years ago. All types of communication is of interest to us, meaning both internal and external. Our aim is to open new possibilities for our clients through effective communication, and our clients have recognized that there is no quick-fix when you want to reach great results”, says Caroline Zander.

Trying to communicate everything, all at the same time, and without any form of limitations or targeting of specific recipients, is not likely to be effective. A lot of company leaders are aware of this, but still fail to recognize the need to change strategy. A lot of the work has already been done when establishing the brand and building its values. Rymd Communication takes care of these values and builds solutions for reaching out further.

New opportunities at GoCo

Rymd Communication has set up office in new facilities at GoCo Health Innovation City. This is a strategic investment, as many of the existing clients are in the vicinity. Being present at GoCo may well create new opportunities for new long-term partnerships.

“We have worked with clients in the Life Science industry for almost 25 years now. We believe that we have good insight into what they need to become even more successful when it comes to reaching out to potential markets, target groups, healthcare providers, patients and so on. Even when looking for funding. We can help them get to the next step much faster thanks to our expertise covering many aspects of communication. Our experts operate on all levels of communication, and this is very hard for any single company to muster on its own. This is our realm, and our reason for being”, explains Caroline Zander.