Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Anti-fouling has everything to do with protecting the environment

The Jotun Group operates globally, just like the marine industry, and provides superior protection for every type of marine vessel around the world. Protecting vessels against fouling has everything to do with protecting the environment as well; less fouling means less fuel consumption as well as less cleaning using harsh products.

The Jotun Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder coatings within the marine segment. Marine vessels, offshore and harbour equipment – all can benefit from using a solution from Jotun. And Jotun most likely has the world’s largest portfolio of paint and anti-fouling systems available to the global marine market.
“Today Jotun is represented in over 100 countries. Each has their own regulatory business when it comes to controlling chemical use, such as the use of paints, coatings and anti-fouling solutions. Therefore, at Jotun we aim to exceed the highest demands and regulations in our business. Everything we do has to do with improving the environment and minimising our global footprint”, says Mikael Björkqvist, Sales Director at Jotun Marine Coatings.

Only sophisticated products
Within the shipping industry, Jotun offers sophisticated products that effectively prevent corrosion and fouling on any vessel. All products are results of intensive research and development activities. Jotun’s extensive experience ensures that each solution meets – and exceeds – the requirements of each target segment.
Several thousand vessels sailing worldwide are already protected by solutions developed by Jotun. From the early stages of planning and newbuilding of the vessel to its ongoing life in service – Jotun provides client-specific solutions to suit every need. The company also offers a wide range of technical services related to each product.
“We deliver exactly what we promise”, Mikael Björkqvist underlines. “Our products have been proven in actual use in every part of the world, supported by an unrivalled standard of technical service”.
Thus, the Jotun range of marine coatings offers protection for every part of the vessel, large or small, in any trade, around the world. ”Our products have been tested and approved by the world’s strictest marine organisations”, Mikael confirms.

World’s most reliable
Many shipowners in Sweden choose products developed by Jotun. The choice is based on the company’s dedication to the latest paint technology as well as environmental-friendly solutions. Also bearing in mind, paints and coats that last longer will be a better environmental choice, as they provide a clean hull with less fouling over time and thus need less fuel to operate.
“The marine industry is constantly under great pressure to reduce its environmental footprint at large, and selecting our products is a good step forward in the ambition to become more eco-conscious”, says Mikael Björklund. In conclusion, he adds that for any newbuilding, rebuilding or vessel renovation, “Jotun can offer the very best solution regardless of which marine environment the vessel is operating in. This makes Jotun the world’s most all-inclusive and reliable provider of marine paints and coats”.