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APL Brings Competence and Experience to the Life Science Industry

As one of Sweden’s leading pharmaceutical companies, APL has been providing lifesaving tailor-made drugs to Swedish patients for over 30 years. The company has its roots in the segment of individually adapted pharmaceuticals, making it a unique and highly sought-after partner in contract development and manufacturing.

With the growth of the life science industry and constant new market demands, many companies are opting to complement in-house skills with outside expertise through contract manufacturing. The practice is becoming an increasingly common option for both large and smaller market actors. The growing demand for more specialised pharmaceutical products on the life science market makes APL, one of Scandinavia’s largest CDMO’s, a particularly desirable partner.

Contract services – from conception to the nascence of a product
APL’s contract services range from formulation and analytical method development, development and manufacturing of clinical trials materials to commercial manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. APL manufactures pharmaceuticals in solid dosage form, as well as semi-solids and sterile pharmaceuticals such as injection solutions. APL also manufactures pre-filled syringes, vials, ampoules, portable cassettes and tailor-made packaging to facilitate home-based care. APL’s services and product package comprises all phases from pre-clinical testing to manufacturing of registered products.

Clients include companies in the biotech, medical technology and pharmaceutical branches of life science and range from international market leaders to medium and small start-up companies.

“With a heritage in pharmaceutical compounding services to the Swedish hospital sector, we know that APL is a reliable partner, especially when it comes to delivering quality products and services” says Kjerstin Gatenbeck, CEO, Life Medical.

Low cost – high quality
APL strives to increase the quality of the client’s product lines at lower costs, thereby increasing the client’s competitive edge. High quality life science products have a great impact on the lives of a vast number of people, making patient safety one of APL’s most important cornerstones, alongside being a reliable, safe and cost sensitive partner for its clients.

“Our choice of partner is largely steered by a long term perspective. We have also chosen APL as a partner because of its knowledge of and experience with smaller companies like ourselves. Although it has several global companies as clients, APL also has a good understanding of the specific needs of smaller companies.” says Kjerstin Gatenbeck.

APL in Umeå
APL has four sites in Sweden. The Umeå site specializes in sterile and aseptic filling of pharmaceuticals, a dosage form that has increased in recent years due to an increased demand for biopharmaceuticals. The site, which is especially designed for this purpose, meets the workplace environmental and occupational health standards and is approved for the production of pharmaceuticals. The state of the art laboratories at the Umeå site allow a wide range of analyses methods at a competitive cost.