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Bassoe Technology; ”High level of expertise secures our position of excellence”

Marine technology development and consultancy firm Bassoe Technology was established in September 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden, as senior engineers with long experience in the offshore industry decided to put their expertise together. With genuine backgrounds from development, site supervision and project management, these experts were able to create a set of solutions that in many cases had been identified as an unfulfilled demand through the offshore industry for many years.

Bassoe Technology currently employs 45 engineers with long experience in offshore engineering and consultancy. The company is owned by its employees and majority owner and co-founder Erland Bassoe.
The management team and the majority of the employees have extensive experience in designing mobile offshore units for production, drilling, service, and accommodation. The knowledge base and experience dates back to the proud history of the shipyard Götaverken Arendal AB in Gothenburg, which from the late 1970s mostly focused on the offshore industry by designing, constructing and delivering semi-submersibles now stationed all over the world.

Proven designers
Many of Bassoe Technology’s senior engineers started their careers in shipyards and recognized design companies, and have an extensive experience within the maritime and offshore industry to draw on.
“Our engineers have held key positions in some of the world’s major offshore projects, now dedicating their sought-after expertise and knowledge to the development of our company and our solutions. Shipbuilders and drilling contractors know our consultants by name as they are generally well-known throughout the marine and offshore industries”, Managing Director Lars Felix explains.
It is the competence and knowledge of the employees that drives Bassoe Technology forward.
“We work with very complex and time-consuming projects, and since 2007 we do not have a very large number of proven designs, but we do have a large number of proven designers, recognised experts in their respective fields”.

Far East an interesting market
Designingoffshore units is the core business of Bassoe Technology. The Far East presents an interesting market for construction where China, Korea and Singapore are recognised as the world’s most prominent shipbuilding countries.
“We operate in a highly international industry with cross-border collaborations. Our Clients are found worldwide. We must therefore be responsive and able to adapt to different nations’ corporate cultures and ways of doing business. We visit our key markets personally and follow the negotiations of our clients and their clients in order to provide the best possible solution for each project”.

High competition worldwide
Bassoe Technology designs solutions for ships and various types of semi submersibles including drilling, accommodation and tender support units. As things progress the company will design solutions for floating production units as well. Another area of interest is offshore wind power applications where Bassoe Technology engineers design units for collecting the wind-generated power.
“We must keep up-to-date with the latest technology in order to remain competitive. There are less than ten players worldwide operating on the same scale and in the same field as us. Despite us being few, competition is extremely high. Our main strength is our expertise, securing our position of excellence”, Lars Felix concludes.