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CEI-Europe – the mobile university for engineering professionals

CEI-Europe (Continuing Education Institute-Europe) provides a mobile university for professional engineers and scientist operating mainly in Europe. Current technological directions are presented and discussed in short open courses taking place during 2-5 days, involving a high level of participation due to the intensity of the training. CEI-Europe employs internationally renowned experts within the main areas of interest focusing on Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Semiconductor Technology, Circuit and System Design, Signal Processing, Digital Imaging and Telecommunications.

CEI-Europe has developed, organised and held successful advanced technology short courses all over Europe for over 30 years. By offering parallel short courses, organised at various venues, CEI-Europe targets the most pressing issues within technological advancement and makes the most out of the professionals’ valuable time. The contents of the courses change from year to year as a result of new, state-of-the-art knowledge incorporated by the course development team.

Value-added contents and contacts
Continuing Education is of great value to professionals who all need interaction with others operating in the same field in order to grow and feel motivated. CEI-Europe provides a platform for collaboration, not only among members of the same course or employees of the same company, but among all participants by applying common lunch hours and possibilities for further networking.
“By organising courses in various inspiring locations we are able to enhance the learning experience. Currently our open courses are held in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Cambridge, Uppsala and Dresden. Bringing together participants with a dedicated instructor who share technological expertise together with industry knowledge is a very valuable combination in order to gain knowledge and understanding. It is essential for companies to keep evolving and developing future products”, CEO Elisabet Larsson explains.
In addition to the scheduled open courses CEI-Europe offers company-tailored educational programs within the main areas of expertise. The courses are designed to update key staff or to upgrade the overall educational level of a company. CEI-Europe has a wide network of instructors and extensive experience in tailoring educational programs for specific client needs, where the open course programs can be applied as a foundation to build on.

Strategic partner for knowledge development
No traditional university has access to a faculty equal to that of the internationally renowned instructors at CEI-Europe. No traditional educational company offers programs in spearhead technology where attendees meet their professional peers in an inspiring environment. Not only are the instructors internationally recognised in their respective field, but all have demonstrated a pedagogic ability to impart technological expertise to a professional audience.
All above values combined make CEI-Europe a strong and strategic partner for knowledge development within any company or organisation operating in areas of advanced engineering and telecommunications. CEI-Europe was founded in 1980 and since then, over 30 000 engineering professionals have attended their courses arranged worldwide.