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Coblation technology – tissue friendly and fast recovery

ArthroCare is a global multibusiness medical device company, manufacturing and marketing products based on the internationally patented Coblation technology. This technology has improved many existing procedures while at the same time promoting development of new, minimally invasive procedures.

The devices developed by ArthroCare are used in various disciplines across the globe – covering for example arthroscopy, spine, neurology and ear-nose-throat.
The technology is unique – while most radiofrequency-based surgical products (such as electrosurgical devices) use imprecise high-temperature processes to cut and remove tissue, the Coblation technology based devices, operating at a lower temperature, are more precise.
“The method clearly minimizes the trauma under and around the targeted tissue, which in turn means that the recovery process is shortened”, Elisabeth Liljensten, Director of International Medical Affairs, explains.

The Swedish perspective – sports medicine and ear-nose-throat
The Coblation technology has received a wide commercial acceptance in Sweden, covering not only arthroscopic procedures associated with for example sports medicine, but also pursuing substantial growth in the discipline of ear-nose-throat.
Sten Dahlborg, International President, gives an example of the increasing use of Coblation devices: “In Sweden, around 30 per cent of all operations concerning removal of the tonsils are conducted using the Coblation technology. In USA, we are talking about around 50 per cent. In general, this illustrates a wide acceptance for the technology, providing us with a unique potential to expand as developers of Coblation devices”.

R&D – focusing on wound care
Sten Dahlborg explains that wound care is a prospective area of growth, in which the Coblation technology can improve existing procedures. “The technique can for example be implemented to remove affected soft tissue without damaging the healthy tissue underneath”.
In close collaboration with the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, ArthroCare performs studies regarding different aspects of the treatment of wounds to optimize wound care.
“The Gothenburg-region is traditionally well-established in wound care, enabling us to create partnerships with highly competent players within this area. The region offers a wide range of both international and small enterprises – all with state-of-the-art expertise in medical technology, surgery, wound care and general health care”, Elisabeth Liljensten concludes.

Meet ArthroCare Corporation
ArthroCare Corporation was founded in 1993, with a focus on medical devices and surgical instruments for soft tissue surgical applications. After developing a stronghold in the USA, ArthroCare has been widely recognized all over the world with local development plants on all continents. ArthroCare International is headquartered in Sweden, focusing on sales and marketing on a global basis.