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D.E.C Marine targets environmental challenges with new technology

D.E.C Marine meets the environmental challenges throughout the marine industry with new technology. The main advantage of operating from Sweden is primarily the discount system established for reduction of emissions that has existed here since the 1990’s, in conjunction with advanced technical skills. Moreover, Sweden has a very well developed infrastructure with good transport links facilitating the transition from one technical system to another.

D.E.C Marine has a long and interesting history. DEC – Diesel Emission Control – was founded originally as a business unit within the Swedish engineering company ABB in 1990. Later on DEC became a division under Munters management, and in 2006 D.E.C. Marine AB was formed as a separate company specialised in catalytic NOx reduction through Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for marine applications.
Less than 0.5 grams of NOx per kWh
The DEC SCR ConverterTM system is a catalytic exhaust treatment system which reduces NOx to N2 and water. It is fully automatic and characterised by low complexity, high efficiency, long service life and a compact design. As an option, the system includes an Oxidation catalyst, which further oxidises VOC and CO to CO2 making the exhaust free of typical odour and substantially reducing the human health risk. The converter can be equipped with a silencer section for a total noise reduction of 25-35 dB or according to requirements.
“The mariner Furetank has ordered newly developed SCR systems from D.E.C Marine for the main engine of the vessel Fure West. Emissions are less than 0.5 grams of NOx per kWh and the vessel will run environmentally friendly alongside a refinery outside Horten, Norway”, Karin Liljegren at D.E.C Marine reveals.

Future – the challenge…
D.E.C is developing the technology further to meet additional requirements on the environmental side. SCR technology is mature and has been around for quite a long time, hence there are basically no limits to remove virtually all NOx emissions.
However, the lack of incentive on the global market to take the additional step to install the SCR-system onboard all ships has led to very large amounts of emissions running straight into the sea. Emissions out at sea have long been ten times higher than on land, where SCR technology has been the standard for quite some time.
… And the solution
The system is designed to meet the most stringent NOx regulations that have been enforced in Sweden since fifteen years. The design is based on the experience gained since the first delivery back in 1991.
D.E.C Marine develops system-flexibility further with a more powerful cleaning- and operational profile in accordance with IMO Tier III. The system is so flexible that it can be installed in very critical spaces onboard, where no one believed it was possible.