Ons 17 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Ektank faces demanding market with a modern tanker fleet

Donsö has a long tradition of shipping. After centuries in service as a hub for shipbuilding and development, mariners operating from Donsö now realise that the market has changed dramatically. Today, there is no longer any ship construction taking place at Donsö, and shipping companies have moved their vessels abroad. The head offices are however still located here for most of the well-established players, including Ektank who moved just to the other side of the archipelago now controlling their operations from Gothenburg city.

When Captain Hans-Yngve Johnson established the family company in the late 1960s the development of the Swedish shipping industry looked very promising. The challenges began to appear towards the end of the 1990s as other European countries had much better conditions than those of our mariners here in Sweden. Despite the unjust conditions, Ektank continued to develop the business and thanks to good investments and time of prosperity the company thrived well into the 2000’s. 

Customer Awareness leads to success
The market has changed, but Ektank has the same fighting spirit as always. Today the business is run by the second generation with Jörgen Johnsson as President.
“The market for tanker shipping companies is now over-established, competition is tougher than ever and prices decline to levels that are difficult to keep if you want to make ends meet, and to develop your activities further. This is the reality we and all other Swedish shipping companies have to struggle with in addition to our European neighbours have better conditions”.
Today Ektank operates under NIS in order to continue competing on the world market.
“We have cared for the assets we had from the start. No one knows how the market will evolve in the future, it is difficult to predict even a few years ahead. We will continue to develop our core values ​​and be very customer conscious”, Johnsson continues.
Modern tanker fleet
Ektank has a modern fleet of six tankers built with latest technology to ascertain highest performance. All have Ice Class 1A to operate in northern Europe and the Baltic Sea.

“We have invested heavily in safety, health and environmental solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. Our ships are of high quality, as is the competence of our officers. We have about 170 employees on board our ships and a very low staff turnover, we take this as confirmation that what we are doing is appreciated and that people are happy working with us”, Jörgen Johnsson concludes.