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Elos develops medical technology solutions of tomorrow

Complex regulations, high demand and the strain of a very competitive industry – these are everyday challenges that medical technology companies must overcome. Elos Medtech operates with experience and competence, providing turnkey solutions for some of the world’s most prominent players within the medical device sphere. As part of a Complete Performance offer, Elos Medtech can provide both innovative services in development as well as cost-effective solutions regarding the production according to client specification.

Elos maintains two business areas; Medical Technology and Metrology. The core aim of all commitments made by Elos is to provide qualitative development and production services to some of the world’s leading industries. Dental and orthopedic implants, instruments and precision mechanical components for medical technology products and measuring devices for demanding industries are some of the key product categories. Regardless of product area, innovative turnkey solutions are provided.

Partner through Complete Performance
Elos Medtech is a strategic development- and production partner. Complete Performance entails an unbroken chain from design and manufacturing, to packaging, distribution and logistics.
The company is traditionally concerned with the development of other companies’ products, but following the trends in the medical technology business at large, Elos has recently introduced some OEM-products (Original Equipment Manufacturer Products).
Göran Brorsson, CEO Elos, gives an example: “Within the area of dental implants we have developed a standardized tool for fixing the implants to the bone. This tool, in the shape of a small key, can be produced with the logotypes of our clients, if required”. Some 15 companies have already purchased the product as part of further development of their own portfolios.

Elos Medtech is present wherever the client operates
As previously discussed, Elos Medtech is active in three business segments; Dental, Orthopedics and Medical Devices. Aside from the development and production of instruments, prostheses and implants for advanced dental and fracture surgery, the company also offers components for bone-anchored hearing implants and multi-use injection systems (used for example for injecting insulin).
Elos Medtech is built up by over 50 years of experience. Collaboration with other parties, such as leading medical technology companies, universities and research institutes, has made it possible for Elos Medtech to establish new production facilities in China for serving the Asian market. Göran Brorsson stresses that this is not a means of extracting low-cost production for exporting back to Europe, but a natural development where Elos, in accordance with client needs, is able establish business where the client operates. The production facilities in Sweden and Denmark, are still to serve the European market.

Dental implants of tomorrow
Future development is largely dependent on client activities. “Dental implants are considered to make up a mature product category with a well-established market. The next step is to develop more areas of implementation for these products”.
“Dental implants of tomorrow will be tailored to each patient using 3D-technology. For a natural look, the new implants are created using each individual patient’s natural teeth and bone structure. The same principles are applied when creating new hearing implants as well as orthopedic implants. This is the future”, Göran Brorsson concludes.