Mån 15 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Ernst & Young welcomes two world-leading research centres to Lund

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, transaction, tax and advisory services. The company has over 70 representative offices in Sweden, from north to south. In Region Skåne, through the collaborating offices in Lund and Malmö, Ernst & Young offers a comprehensive portfolio of assurance and advisory services to SME:s, developing businesses and listed companies.

Ernst & Young operates multidisciplinary and operates over a large spectrum of development areas, including life science related businesses – a natural development due to the strong life science cluster in Lund and Region Skåne. Primarily focusing on SME:s and developing companies, Lund offers a wide range of services tailored to the small organisation, complete with advisory services specifically suited to growing companies.

Partner in developing SME:s
Ernst & Young strives to be a partner in the development of SME:s, not only in life science but in all developing areas of expertise.
“We have been an integral part of Ideon Science Park here in Lund for over ten years. Our core focus is to create growth in our region, and this requires us to operate over boundaries. Collaboration is the key”, Partner Stefan Svensson, explains.

MAX IV and ESS to strengthen Region Skåne
Two prominent and possibly world-leading research centres are projected in Lund over the coming ten years. MAX IV and ESS – European Spallation Source, will remarkably strengthen Region Skåne as one of Europe’s most developed technology and life science clusters.
“As AstraZeneca redirects its research activities to Mölndal and the Gothenburg region, we must work even harder on strengthening our position as leaders in life science. With a lot of spin-off companies combined with principal research, we have a good starting point”, claims Svensson.
“When established, ESS and MAX IV will attract international players as well as generate a large number of SME:s in our region”.

Helps clients reach their full potential
By analysing risks and selecting a solution most suitable for each project, Ernst & Young is an important partner for innovative life science companies of all sizes.
With over 2000 employees in Sweden and 144 000 world wide, Ernst & Young is at the forefront of development and growth in each market segment. “Sustainable growth is our goal, and our ambition is to help our clients reach their full potential”, Stefan Svensson concludes.