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FHCC – collaborating partner focusing on functional foods

Food & Health Concept Centre, FHCC, aims to participate in the commercialisation of technologies and products through collaboration with research and business environments. By assuming the various roles necessary to realise projects of development FHCC can act as match-maker, project initiator and coordinator, as well as being a collaborating partner for both companies and researchers, as well as private entrepreneurs.

FHCC is heavily involved in the development and commercialisation of innovations connected to healthy eating and functional foods. By creating common ground for food companies, researchers and contractors, FHCC aims to strengthen the functional food industry primarily in the Gothenburg region and Region Västra Götaland.

Maintaining various roles
There are many examples, which illustrate the various roles that FHCC maintains on a daily basis, where partnerships, joint ventures and project management roles are some.
FHCC has i.e. for some time been supporting and managing a project focusing on creating possibilities for functional foods, targeting a substance to promote cardiovascular health. The project is known as ALBA, the substance being based on chlorophyll extracted from the Mulberry tree, Morus Alba.
“Project ALBA is run in cooperation with the initiating company Redoxis, and Göteborg International Bioscience Business School (GIBBS). It will focus on verifying health effects in humans, as well as, developing a business concept for a cholesterol lowering functional food.. Successful results will assist in the commercialisation of the project, where we will take on the role as partner in the new company”, Charlotte Eklund-Jonsson, CEO, explains.

Supporting product development
FHCC also promotes projects by making research competences available to less research intense projects. The fishing industry connected to Lake Vänern, central Sweden, has a long history especially when it comes to vendace. Up until now, only the vendace roe has been of interest, leaving the rest of the fish unexploited. The vendace is in fact a vital resource, a naturally good source of both Vitamin D and Omega 3.
FHCC has formed a project team to support product development and commercialisation of products based on vendace, with prospects of generating added value for end consumers. The project team also consists of representatives from the fishing industry and the Lake Vänern region, together forming the non-profit association Vänerprodukter.
“The project focuses on investigating the possibilities of using vendace to make a wider range of products. We hope to develop opportunities locally, maybe supplying the fish to local restaurants and schools, for example. We are also investigating the possibilities of producing fish oil and thereby reaching a wider market. The key element is to initiate further contact with established players on the market”, Charlotte Eklund-Jonsson continues.

Other activities
FHCC also sponsors the Venture Cup, a national competition focusing on business concepts, ideas and business planning.
“We generally take part in the Venture Cup in order to promote our own business and concept values, with the long-term goal of developing the Swedish food industry, primarily targeting functional foods”, Charlotte Eklund-Jonsson states.
To conclude, FHCC can provide innovation management and financing for healthy food business ideas, origin from academy, industry, as well as from private entrepreneurs.