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For the Benefit of the Patient

With the dedicated scientific research and professional tenacity described in the article on the previous page, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark opened the door to bone anchored restorative applications ranging from individual teeth and artificial ears to full-arch oral prostheses and hearing aids. For this visionary work to become a practical clinical reality on a large scale, however, Nobel Biocare had to subsequently develop, market and sell an enormous number of components, instruments and educational tools.
Over the years, the company has succeeded not only in convincing a skeptical world of the value of osseointegration, it has also kept the rigorous scientific philosophy of the early years alive in its corporate culture – both in its hometown of Gothenburg and abroad.

Nobel Biocare has established its reputation for unparalleled quality in the field of dental implants, prosthetics, solutions for guided surgery, three-dimensional digital scanners and biomaterials by providing patients and health-care professionals with consistently good results.
These are not a matter of chance. High success rates can only be assured by carefully collating and analyzing clinical data. Nobel Biocare has the longest clinical study base-line available anywhere. Old and new products alike are subjected to ongoing scientific study.

Decades of experience
More than forty years of clinical follow-up have gone into refining the systematic approach taken by Nobel Biocare.
“I know that this can sound harsh,” Professor Brånemark says confidently, “but one factor is absolutely essential for predictable prognoses: experience. And experience, unfortunately, can’t be compressed. Decades of experience take decades to obtain.”
Magnus Persson, Nobel Biocare’s Regional Director, Nordic Countries, agrees. “We are a commercial, for-profit company,” he freely acknowledges, “but we’re mindful of the scientific heritage that we hold in trust for the future. Experience has taught us that what’s good for the patient is good for the dentist, surgeon, periodontist and lab technician – among others – who use our products. And that, in turn, is good for business!”
Methodical, well-organized documentation; rigorous standards in every aspect of business from research and development to marketing and sales; and a commitment to encouraging non-conventional thinking are all characteristic of Nobel Biocare.
As Brånemark says of his own work, and the work of the company most closely associated with his achievements: “Together we’ve ushered in a new era, but we have to remember to respect the molecules. Our method stands for reconstructive biology not carpentry.”
Taking that admonition to heart, the Nobel Biocare staff works hard to integrate biology with chemistry and physics as they pursue scientific innovation. Their dedicated work makes new applications possible while, at the same time, increasing the predictability of already established reconstructive procedures.
Strong roots make for strong growth. Always aware of the heritage of Per-Ingvar Brånemark, Nobel Biocare continues to deliver new ideas, state-of-the-art products and innovative services to a world looking for better restorative solutions.

Nobel Biocare in a nutshell
Nobel Biocare provides world-class, high-tech, high-quality dental solutions based on scientific research. Nobel Biocare is represented in over 70 countries; operates six production plants in Sweden, the United States, Japan and Israel; and is a publically traded company listed on the SIX, Zurich. With over 2,200 employees, Nobel Biocare develops and integrates life-changing dental solutions globally. In more ways that one, the company is a world leader.