Lör 27 nov / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Glimstedt: “We provide a safe journey from innovation to commercialisation”

Glimstedt is one of Sweden’s leading business law firms with nearly 200 lawyers based in Sweden, the Baltic States and Belarus. As a full-service provider, Glimstedt offers Swedish and international businesses expertise and competent advice in all segments relating to business law, including for example corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property law, dispute resolution and insolvency law.

Lund is traditionally well-known for its strong life science cluster, built up by global leaders representing the pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries. “Our area is characterised by some large, multinational companies operating in the life science field. In reality, we also have an exceeding number of smaller businesses based on research and innovation. These companies are often in the start-up phase, at the beginning of commercialising a product or applying for a patent. It is of utmost importance that these businesses receive the right kind of support at their most vulnerable stage”, Bo Ahlenius, partner at Glimstedt, explains.
The quality of research does not always determine whether a project is feasible commercially. “We offer professional advice on a project’s commercial prospects. Essential aspects to take into consideration are how much time and resources that are required, and whether there is a potential need (demand) for the project solution, whether it be a medical device, a technique or a pharmaceutical drug”.
The journey from innovation to commercialisation can be long-winded and it almost always presents obstacles on the way. “Our task is essentially to provide strategic expertise and to help our client set up realistic goals. We can then work together to achieve those goals”, Bo Ahlenius continues.

Strategic partner
Jens Kinnander is a senior associate at Glimstedt and an intellectual property law expert providing legal advice to life science companies in their day-to-day operations. “Glimstedt offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to protect a company’s intellectual property (IP). IP law is an essential area of expertise in connection with the operation of life science companies”, Jens Kinnander describes.
“When working with contracts and commercial issues within life science companies, it is an advantage as a lawyer to also be qualified within IP law. The subject of, for example, license agreements, and the results of R&D and services agreements, are strategic matters of life science companies and need to be considered and handled carefully”, Jens Kinnander explains.
We aim to be a local partner, continuously supplying our clients with appropriate and efficient advice based on specific needs. We value long-lasting relationships, and tailor our services to suit each client. All companies value personal contacts, and we are able to provide them with a professional partner from start to finish”, Bo Ahlenius concludes.