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Gothia Forum: Physical networking platform complemented by virtual meeting-place

Region Västra Götaland has a clear ambition: to become the most attractive region for high-quality clinical research. As a result, Gothia Forum was established last year in order to promote the regional clinical research competence. Now pursuing a large investigation of existing resources and detecting potential areas in need of development, Gothia Forum aims to strengthen the clinical research cluster within the region.

Helena Nilsson, Region Västra Götaland’s Director of Research and Development – Life Science, explains that the region has a great potential in achieving the goal based on double assignments.
Region Västra Götaland is largely responsible for the general development and growth of the regional trade and industry, while at the same time providing for the regional health care service. “We are privileged as a region in this sense, being able to assist and influence in terms of development, research and quality related to life science and health care”.

Looking forward to sequel
Gothia Forum is essentially a business model of conduct. “We are striving to promote growth within clinical research, therefore we are currently – and in close collaboration with large players in our field – pursuing a large inventory of both existing and potential resources and competence within this area”, Professor Kaj Stenlöf, Director of Gothia Forum, explains.
“We have so far identified a substantial need for further education within clinical research, and we have instigated a new programme covering various stages of clinical testing, the first classes taking place this year”.

Gothia Forum has also built up a Centre for Clinical Testing, aimed at Phase I clinical trials, i.e. trials on healthy volunteers. The centre is open for researchers from academia, health care and industry.
“Our main interest is to promote collaboration. We arranged a networking conference last year; its sequel will take place during the 7th – 8th September this year. We are also developing a virtual platform – a meeting place to support collaboration between academia, health care and the industry”.
Professor Stenlöf concludes with: “Last year’s conference was a success with almost 300 participants. We are looking forward to the follow-up, which we hope will attract members from all segments within our field”.

This is Gothia Forum in short
Gothia Forum for Clinical research was founded during spring 2009 under Region Västra Götaland. Participating parties within Gothia Forum are Region Västra Götaland, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, University of Gothenburg and the Sahlgrenska Academy, AstraZeneca, MSD, Pfizer, Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (LIF) and Chalmers University of Technology. For more information, please visit: www.gothiaforum.com.