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Ideon Science Park award-winners Jolife presents unique CPR solution

With a broad expertise in financing and business development Ideon Science Park, located in Lund, southern Sweden and at the heart of Region Skåne, is a natural partner organisation for fast-moving companies with a desire to expand in terms of research and development. Ideon-based company Jolife AB sets a remarkable example going from sales of SEK 10 million to SEK 35 million in less than six months.

Medtech company Jolife AB has developed a unique solution to improve the outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest patients. Jolife manufactures and markets the LUCAS Chest Compression System, a mechanical device that helps rescuers to quickly and effectively secure life-sustaining blood circulation in patients who have no circulation of their own.
After developing the LUCAS Chest Compression System for ten years, Jolife has launched the new LUCAS 2, increasing yearly sales globally from around SEK 10 million to an impressive SEK 35 million in six months 2010.
CEO Erik von Schenck comments: “It takes a lot to take an innovation to global market acceptance, especially in the field of medical devices. At Ideon Science Park there are opportunities to share experiences, making it a good location for early stage companies”.

Tremendous development
The LUCAS system is now distributed in 34 countries around the world via an agreement between Jolife and Physio-Control, part of Medtronic Inc. Jolife maintains direct sales in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Jolife has seen a tremendous development the past ten years, starting with research during the initial years. The first system was introduced in 2003, as Jolife also worked to establish a common awareness of CPR and the product. “By introducing LUCAS 2, we finally got a real market take off”, states von Schenck.

Silver award in New York
Jolife received a Silver Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) for LUCAS 2. The award was presented to Jolife and Physio-Control at a ceremony in New York earlier this year, based on product innovation, design and engineering achievement, enhanced benefits to the patient, and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing and healthcare delivery.
“We are honoured by this recognition. In any emergency situation, time is of the essence, and products that are intuitive to use and that can be used under even the most trying circumstances are of the utmost importance. We are proud to offer LUCAS 2 through our partner Physio-Control”, Erik von Schenck concludes.

Ideon Science Park – birthplace of global leaders
Ideon Science Park, founded in 1983, strives to attract growth-oriented research and development companies by offering a unique environment in which the businesses can thrive. Ideon offers a wide range of services including advisory, networking and mentoring. More innovations are developed into profitable businesses at Ideon than anywhere else in the country, and a substantial number of global leaders in the fields of mobile telephony, IT, life science and cleantech have started their journey here.