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Industrifonden Portfolio Company presents the world’s first non-pharmaceutical treatment for allergic asthma

Industrifonden helps small companies with big ideas. By offering venture capital, know-how and a network of contacts Industrifonden helps create growth in small- to medium-sized companies. All investments are made on commercial terms together with entrepreneurs and co-investors.

Industrifonden has successfully built up a portfolio of companies, all characterised as potentially expansive and representative of state-of-the-art technology development. Industrifonden places focus on three business areas; life science, technology and industrial growth.
Within life science, Industrifonden maintains a healthy mix of portfolio companies, ranging from medical technology in preventative treatment of allergic asthma to pharmaceutical drug developments for treating cancer and orphan diseases.

Airsonett reveals remarkable results
The first non-pharmaceutical treatment for allergic asthma was presented at the annual congress of EAACI (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) in London earlier this year. The congress attracts some 8000 visitors and presented over 2000 scientific innovations and results.
The research based medical technology company Airsonett, funded among others by Industrifonden and SEB Venture Capital, revealed remarkable results after over ten years of research and clinical trials. “Our discovery is unique. After conducting multicentre Phase III studies in six countries we are able to present outstanding results”, Dan Kristensson, CEO Airsonett, declares.
Commercialised as Protexo, the method Temperature controlled Laminar (TLA) enables for successful control of particulate exposure during sleep. Protexo creates a laminar flow of filtered, slightly cooled air, with a higher density than the ambient still contaminated air, that descent slowly and enveloping the breathing zone of the sleeping patient. TLA are able to displace body convection without creating draft or dehydration and thereby significantly reduce aeroallergen exposure.

Airsonett at a glance
Airsonett, headquartered in Ängelholm, has an extensive portfolio of patents and is investing heavily in clinical research and product development. The company has also developed Opragon, a medical technology system used to manage airborne bacteria and virus contamination in operating theatres. Airsonett was awarded the title Sweden’s MedTech Company of the Year 2009.