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Innovationsbron part of creating lifesaving tools in the treatment of cancer

The early stage investor Innovationsbron supports the Swedish trade and industry by identifying and developing new ideas into commercially competitive products and services. Via its national incubator programme, Innovationsbron also develops incubators where the companies get professional help to grow faster and reach an international market. The company operates through all segments, dedicating teams of expertise to a number of profile areas where Life Science is one. The broad project portfolio consists of a large number of lucrative ventures, where pharmaceutical development, new treatment and drug discovery and alternative methods to apply existing findings are just a few examples.

Innovationsbron aims to create a basis for internationally competitive companies by the commercialisation of innovations; initially by providing seed funding combined with industrial business development as Innovationsbron also becomes an active owner.
Additionally providing national support to business incubators and supporting innovations at an early stage, Innovationsbron grants the kind of professional help which is crucial to the process of pursuing an innovation into a realistic and commercially feasible project. Once the new companies are equipped to meet the commercial market, Innovationsbron takes on the task of engaging subsequent investors.
Simplified, Innovationsbron’s mission is to identify, capture and develop innovations which in turn will strengthen the national trade and industry.

Focusing on strong ideas regardless of the source
Innovationsbron usually invests in some 30-40 companies annually and make about as many follow-up investments in existing holdings all over Sweden. The funding is provided to support ideas emerging from academic research, individual innovators and entrepreneurs provided that the project is deemed commercially feasible and that there is an actual demand for the product or service.
The funding is most commonly in the range of 0.5 to 2.5 million SEK. Bearing in mind that pharmaceutical development projects can amount to a total cost of some billion dollars, external and ongoing funding is vital. Innovationsbron also welcomes ideas from existing businesses, hospitals and academia. Life Science is a broad and vast segment, but Innovationsbron is not tied to any specific industry, thus instead focusing on strong ideas regardless of the source.

Cancer research taken to the next stage
The Life Science portfolio consists of various promising projects, ranging from drug discovery to methods of refining current treatments for long term illnesses as an example. The company Vivolux was founded with support from Innovationsbron, with a vision to create new substances and applications that will serve as lifesaving tools in the treatment of cancer.
By employing leading experts in chemistry, clinical pharmacology, mechanism of action studies, experimental and clinical oncology, clinical trials and regulatory affairs, Vivolux aims to explore partnerships within the academic world and with commercial organisations in order to take the development to the next stage. Some of Vivolux’ own substances with diagnostic properties can also be purchased directly from the source.
In June this year, Innovationsbron and Sahlgrenska Science Park accepted a favourable offer from NXT2B AB to sell all their shares in Vivolux AB. The transaction thus marks an end of a successful engagement that began in 2006. As a result of the transaction NXT2B is the primary owner of Vivolux, but the core principles remain. Vivolux will continue the journey to achieve success in the development of treatments for cancer, targeting a need that is now greater than ever.