Sön 26 jun / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Intuitive artist promotes an inner healthy force through the painting process

Artist Alina Witwitzka wants to share the joy, the energy and healthy power that painting has given her through the years. There is a strong connection between arts and crafts and mental wellbeing, a phenomenon that has interested and baffled scientists for generations.

Alina Witwitzka has studied arts in the context of its impact on our mental health for decades.
“It is important to describe the basis of my business to understand the impact that the practice of art can have on our health”, she says initially.

A business built on joy, energy and healthy power
No doubt, Alina Witwitzka started her journey towards a totally unique creative arts process and style very early.
“I have always chosen my own path and early on established my own style in my painting. This has set me aside from my peers, but also created a basis upon which I have been able to create something that makes a big difference to the lives and wellbeing of many people”.
“At my time at the art academy, I was missing something in my education that I then had no words for. I sought to develop myself and my painting process, and specifically sought an inner process that would lead to a state of joy, energy and healthy power. I knew early on that this was what I wanted to achieve and later share with others”.
This unique mindset became the very foundation of Creare – Creativity Center (Creare – Skapande Centrum), Alina’s lifework that was established in the 1980s in Stockholm and from 2003 still operates at the heart of Gothenburg.

Strong need for sharing knowledge
Early on in her art studies, Alina began to paint intuitively and freely, without being limited by conventional techniques.
“I have always had a strong need to share my knowledge and I have been told that it is typical of a leader. I like to see myself as an artistic leader as well as some form of healer in terms of providing guidance to the powers of healing art”.
“Intuitive painting usually refers to painting where from the beginning you do not have a clear plan for what the motif will be. This is a process that has repeatedly proven as healing, not only for myself but for my course participants over the years”, says Alina.

Promoting an inner healthy force
The fact that intuitive painting has a positive effect on mental health is something that researchers have acknowledged. Alina has previously worked with people who have had difficult mental challenges and seen great results in their process. She has also recorded some of the feedback from clients over the years. One of them stated: “In the pictures appeared colours, shapes, symbols that I did not always understand myself but which with Alina’s safe guidance, questions, methods and so on gained insight into. Understanding myself and my inner self gave me a chance to heal and could even turn self-hatred into self-love and care”.
The statement from Alina’s client gives a clear description of how strong negative emotions could be turned into positive ones. “In the creative painting process, people have been able to find a refuge and gradually build themselves up from within. This is a great journey and a process that I start every time I start a new course at Creare. I want to convey and lay the foundation for an inner healthy force through my courses”, Alina explains.

For more information about Alina and her courses, please visit her websites.

www.creare.nu, www.alina.witwitzka.com