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IPQ helps protect unique innovations

IPQ are specialists in technology and law. Focusing on the client’s long-term development and financial advancement, IPQ strives to become a natural partner in the process of protecting Intellectual Property (IP) by securing patents and protecting innovations. IPQ operates across geographical and disciplinal boundaries, covering anything from medical technology and pharmaceuticals to sports management and entertainment.

IPQ identifies, defines, develops and protects IP on behalf of clients based primarily in the regions around the Baltic Sea. Through the activities of its clients, IPQ operates on a global market focusing on cross-disciplinary enterprises and segments. “Our mission is to provide our clients with the necessary tools for identifying and securing IP and immaterial rights”, explains Maria Malmqvist, Patent Engineer.

Expanding through partnerships
IPQ operates through True Partnership meaning that all consultants share the profits equally regardless of position. The company was founded by two innovative consultants, and has rapidly grown to a partnership organisation represented by 12 consultants.
“As we are rapidly expanding our market share, we are continuously looking to attract the best IP specialists and as a result also extending our organisation. We also maintain a large network of specialists enhancing our own expertise”, states Thomas Randes, Managing Partner.

Enters the process at an early stage
The services offered by IPQ range from professional advice and guidance at the development stage to a fully comprehensive set of guidelines for patenting an innovation. Maria Malmqvist clarifies the overall ambition: “We strive to enter the process at an early stage. We often act as advisors at the innovation stage, which enables us to provide the very best solution in protecting new ideas and taking them further, hopefully resulting in a patented solution”.

Triple expansion possible
The future looks bright for IPQ. “The overall goal is to triple our True Partnerships within the next two years. It is a courageous ambition, but I think it is fully possible the way things are going, also taking into account our strong focus on innovations within life-science”, concludes Thomas Randes.