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Karlshamn Express – reliable partner focusing on sustainable development

Karlshamn Express is a privately-owned, local transport- and logistics service provider, built up by more than 110 years of experience. It started out with a door-to-door transport service using horse and carriage. High quality and customer-focus have always been core values at Karlshamn Express. Today, the company is represented by complex logistic services covering Europe and Russia.

Karlshamn Express is under the third generation’s management. The company is known for its value-added and customer-oriented services, enabling Karlshamn Express to undertake any project – from the most complex using multi-transport solutions to the simplest single-transport delivery.

After more than a century’s experience, Karlshamn Express has grown to be a recognised and well-respected player on an international basis. At the same time, the company values close collaborations with long-term client relationships. Therefore, the internal organisation is still kept at a manageable size, ensuring efficient decision-making at all levels.

The establishment is located at the heart of Karlshamn, Sweden. Karlshamn Express facilitates two departments responsible for both domestic and foreign transport services. Appropriate storage facilities for dry, chilled and frozen goods are located at the depot. In addition, Karlshamn Express manages a fully-equipped workshop servicing the company’s own vehicles as well as vehicles of customers and partners.

Foreign transport services in harmony with environmental goals
Karlshamn Express is a trusted partner for transporting goods all over Europe. With local offices in Liepaja, Klaipeda and Kaliningrad, Karlshamn Express has an advantageous position on the fast-growing eastern markets.
“By keeping up-to-date with current affairs and development, and as a result being established at the core of where it all happens, we offer reliable connections to Russia and other CIS countries”, Managing Director PG Persson explains.
Persson continues: “We strive to offer environmentally-friendly transporting solutions using a combination of rail and other land-based transport services. Our goal is to minimise our own impact on the environment and hence to be an integral part of a sustainable development”.

Well-developed domestic transport services
Domestic transport services encompass cargo such as dry, chilled and frozen goods, packages, pallets, bulk and building materials.
“We cover the entire Blekinge region, offering daily deliveries of fresh and frozen foods as an example. We also maintain a well-developed network which enables us to reach the rest of Sweden using trusted partners providing value-added services”, PG Persson continues.

Meeting future client needs
Ever since the company was founded some 110 years ago, management has placed a strong focus on product development as a natural part of the every-day on-goings at Karlshamn Express. The aim has always been to offer a wide range of services, employing a wide client base.
With this great ambition, Karlshamn Express has met the 21st century as one of Sweden’s most valuable and trusted partners in transport and logistics. Meeting client needs, solving problems on the way, always focusing on close relationships and sustainable development are past successes prolonged to suit future market demands.