Tis 21 mar / År 41 / Nr 5 2022

Kemwell at the core of pharmaceutical development

Kemwell has strengthened the company’s position as one of the world’s leading contract manufacturers further by moving in to Pharmacia’s old production premises at Uppsala Business Park, located at the heart of the Stockholm – Uppsala region life science cluster. Indian Kemwell Biopharma Pvc Ltd. initiated a historical turning point in 2006 by acquiring Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in Uppsala. Instead of moving all know-how and resources to a low-cost manufacturing unit abroad Kemwell kept the Swedish plant up and running as well as dedicating further investments to the branch.

On a global scale, Kemwell manufactures world leading pharmaceutical drugs on behalf of five of the world’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies. With five plants in India and two in Sweden, Kemwell is the global leading contract manufacturer of Pfizer’s Salazopyrin®, sold in over 100 countries worldwide. The manufacturing portfolio includes several prime pharmaceutical products, Salazopyrin® representing the largest in volume.

From formulation to finished products
Kemwell can also provide support at the very early stages of research and development, recently expanding the breadth and depth the Group’s services to support projects from formulation to finished products. Kemwell’s laboratories in both Sweden and India are currently being equipped for formulation and analytical development in order to provide services such as stability studies, method development and validation.
“Here in Sweden, we can also provide services for QP release, assisting foreign pharmaceutical companies in launching new products on the European market or helping European players who wish to import medical drugs from outside of the EU”, CEO Agneta Bergvall explains.

Promoting brands of clients
The long-term strategy of most large pharmaceutical companies seems to be outsourcing of drug manufacturing. Kemwell has a long history of successful, high-quality manufacture, now also being able to provide support at the early stage of research and development.
The expertise to provide services such as Quality Assurance (QA) including advanced analysis of product safety has been embedded in Kemwell for a long time, now being applied at full measures to create value-added services to customers. Kemwell’s experienced QA staff can thus provide quality assurance support and auditing for both internal and contracted studies.
“As an expanding contract manufacturer we are of course aiming for further collaboration and more assignments. Our mission is not to develop our own market brands, but to promote the brands of our clients by providing top-quality manufacturing-, development- and analytical services. We are currently working with new clients in an intensive phase of technical transfers regarding two new products to be manufactured in our new plant in Fyrislund, Uppsala”, Agneta Bergvall concludes.