Mån 6 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Kiltank ready to go the extra mile

One of the youngest shipping companies established on the island of Donsö, Kiltank, is up for a challenge. With the acquisition of tanker vessel Donia, a 7702 dwt product tanker built in Turkey, Kiltank has established its position in the small tanker business.

Donia’s capacity is now under the management of Sirius Chartering, enabling for long-term commitment and partnerships which will most certainly benefit the future business of Kiltank. Although founder and owner Benjamin Fhager not directly stating it as fact – we may assume that it is likely that Kiltank will acquire yet another vessel in the future.
“We are definitely up for a challenge”, says Benjamin. “As a small organisation we are able to make strategic decisions quick, which is needed in a dynamic business such as shipping. The future of shipping is brighter than what many of us expected only a few years ago, and as we are now able to compete with a larger and more tailored vessel, we are of course in the running for new market opportunities”, he continues.

A lot of potential
Donia is not the first vessel under Kiltank’s command. Before her, an older vessel of 600 dwt was operated primarily on the German market for seven years. In November 2017, nine year old Donia was acquired and heavily rebuilt to cater for a modern tanker market. Most product tankers are in operations for some 20 years, which leaves Donia with almost a decade to go.
“Donia has a lot of potential, she is in great condition after some rebuilding and modifications. However, should the right opportunity present itself, we will invest in another ship alongside her. We are not looking to sell her off soon”, Benjamin Fhager confirms.

Unique among tankers?
The new collaboration with Sirius Chartering may lead to new business, as well.
“Investing in new vessels relates to meeting market needs and in order to buy a new ship, we must have the backup of at least one more client. Long-term relationships mean everything, and therefore we have started working with Sirius Chartering”.
Benjamin Fhager founded Kiltank with his brothers and father in 2008. Summing up what is unique about Kiltank among other tanker businesses established on the same island, Benjamin stresses that Kiltank is a company that is ready to go the extra mile to meet client needs.