Ons 22 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Living proof of success

How can a medium-sized Nordic pharmaceutical company survive and even thrive in tough global competition? What happens when the market favours cheapest possible rather than highest quality? Environmental issues, including recent discussions on the impact of long-distance transport, are in the limelight – but are they sufficient to withstand the price war?

Nordic Drugs is living proof of how a medium-sized, Swedish pharmaceutical marketing and sales company can survive and even thrive in tough global competition.
“We are one of very few companies outside of Big Pharma who can truly offer comprehensive marketing throughout Scandinavia. Through us, our partners are able to reach a large market. We are essentially a one stop shop for taking a product from pre-registration, through registration to the market, and finally to sales and aftermarket”, says Anders Löfgren, CEO Nordic Drugs.

Reliable marketing partner
Nordic Drugs is a reliable partner throughout the entire product lifecycle, and has the ability to assist clients even outside of Europe to reach the regional markets in northern Europe and Scandinavia.
“We can take full responsibility for any launch and marketing project, or just key parts, depending on the needs of our customers. Entering a new market imposes many risks and pitfalls, all of which we are able to avoid as we have the necessary experience and knowhow in this region. In this way, our knowledge complements that of our clients and we become closely linked partners”, Anders Löfgren continues.

Sharing the Medicon Valley vision
Headquartered in Malmö, the Nordic Drugs marketing and sales division is committed to further development of Medicon Valley.
“We share the ambition and vision to make Medicon Valley one of the world’s prime life science clusters”.
Anders Löfgren emphasizes the importance of the region from a global perspective:
“In our region, we are in the midst of a tremendous development that will not only have a great impact on our region, but on the pharmaceutical industry in Europe at large. I think it is important to remember where we are and where we want to be in the future”.

Great prospects
Nordic Drugs plays an integral part in the Medicon Valley and Oresund region. An organised cluster such as Medicon Valley has everything to gain. According to Löfgren, it has a very high level of expertise, but the region needs to become more well-known globally.
“As a medium-sized pharmaceutical marketing and sales company, we play a key part in the Nordic pharmaceutical industry’s continuous development overall. I for one believe in this region with great prospects for the future”, he concludes.