Ons 17 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Lund North East – a place where dreams become reality

Region Skåne, including all municipalities in the region, are working closely together in the development of a satisfactory infrastructure and the provision of grounds to accommodate the multidisciplinary research centres MAX IV and ESS (European Spallation Source).

Lund and Region Skåne are widely known as traditional hubs for the Scandinavian development within life science. Medicon Valley consists of around 350 life science companies, creating a vast network of competence within the region.
Many groundbreaking innovations, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry – including treatments for cancer, diabetes and respiratory/inflammatory diseases – but also in the bio- and medical technologies have been generated in the region.

Europe’s leading research centres
Region Skåne is taking one step further in building ESS and MAX IV. The centres are to be built up over the next ten years, and with the right supporting functions, such as sufficient infrastructure providing easy access to the region both in terms of resources and collaborative networks, ESS and MAX IV have great potential in being among Europe’s leading research institutions in the upcoming decade.
Region Skåne has initiated nine subprojects to facilitate the new centres, focusing not only on infrastructure but also on generating competence in order to support the centres, and creating a meeting place where academia and industry are integrated.
“Our ambition is to create a comprehensive science centre in close proximity to MAX IV and ESS. In creating Lund North East we are also opting for a healthy mix of innovative research companies and industrial leaders in for example life science and technology”, states Per Persson, Economic Development Director, Lund municipality.

Lund NE – bringing research, industry and investments together
Lund North East (Lund NE) is expanding as a new business park – combining qualitative accommodation and an innovative environment for companies driven by growth and development.
“The initial idea is to bring business and academia closer to each other, as well as providing accessibility for visitors by shortening the distances between organisations – both virtually and geographically. Our ambition is to keep all large facilities at a walking distance”, Per Persson explains.
“Lund NE is a great place to live, work and socialise – a place where dreams are developed into reality”.