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Magnus Kårestedt runs the Port with no limits

CEO Magnus Kårestedt has a great ambition for the Port of Gothenburg. Investments in new quayside areas, along with reinforcements in container, roro- and oil terminals and an extension of existing areas are examples of the recent on-goings.

The Port of Gothenburg is often referred to as the Port with no limits. Considering the fact that no extension of existing areas is required to allow for a tripling of today’s capacity, we can understand why the port has been granted this grand title.
Gothenburg-born Magnus Kårestedt runs the Port of Gothenburg since 2003. Recent years are marked by great development schemes to maintain the port’s strong position. Here Kårestedt explains:
”All our investments are made in order to create growth for Gothenburg as an attractive destination and a natural hub for cargo handling in Northern Europe. We have developed further strategies in order to strengthen our position. We will continue to develop the improved infrastructure within and outside the port to attract larger volumes.
Kårestedt believes in a huge rise in the area of cruise and passenger traffic, as Gothenburg is increasingly portrayed as an attractive – and often also exotic – destination.
“We will continue our development in the cruise and passenger area, marketing our city as an attractive tourist destination. The number of cruise calls exceeds 40 this year, and we aim to increase this figure for 2011”.
Magnus Kårestedt is not afraid of a challenge. “In my previous positions I have been working at the core of change management. I aim to transfer my experiences and know-how in an ambition to create growth for the Port of Gothenburg and our city”, he concludes.