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Making lucrative business at the heart of Scandinavia

Invest in Skåne is the official organisation responsible for investment and trade promotion for Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost region and part of the Oresund Region.

Strategically located at the gateway between Scandinavia and Northern Europe, Skåne is an ideal region to invest in with a large spectrum of different business segments. Traditionally, Skåne is home of groundbreaking discoveries within the life science field. Many of the innovations born in Skåne have not only revolutionised the global health care system, they have also set standards for global research and development strategies.

Invest in Skåne – an important resource
Discoveries in diabetes, cancer, neuroscience, respiratory and inflammation as well as medical technology are key examples of areas that have helped in the process of placing Skåne on a global map of strong life science clusters. With outstanding expertise, industrial companies and public institutions in this part of Sweden have worked together with international investors and partners to establish Medicon Valley, today one of Europe’s strongest life science clusters.
“Invest in Skåne is publicly funded and provides free assistance to companies interested in establishing activities or contacts in Medicon Valley”, Anna Chérouvrier Hansson explains, Business Development Manager. “We are an important resource for growth in our region, as we are working with both foreign investors and companies wishing to establish business in our region and local companies to whom we offer a network of contacts in order to promote joint ventures and partnerships”.

Traditional strongholds combined with potential growth segments
Based on past success in the five areas diabetes, cancer, neuroscience, respiratory and inflammation and medical technology, Invest in Skåne is also aiming at implementing three additional segments, areas considered to be potentially strong and likely to facilitate further development of the region.
“We are aiming to go further, and have integrated platforms for Clinical Research Organisations (CROs), E-health and elderly care in our ambition to grow”, Anna Chérouvrier Hansson states. “Our region alone is hosting over 40 CROs today, which stands for a large part of the Swedish competence within this area. We also have a large number of companies combining state-of-the-art expertise in ICT with top-quality health care, creating a good foundation for E-health as a growing business environment. At the same time, we export expertise and well-packaged products applied in elderly care on a global basis”.

Welcome to Boston, September 14 2010
The ambition is to meet as many companies and organisations as possible to create an extensive network. Invest in Skåne is actively promoting Medicon Valley all over the world alongside Copenhagen Capacity and Medicon Valley Alliance, by for example arranging seminars and conferences in collaboration with global partners. First in line is a meeting in Boston on September 14. Here, companies and researchers from the Medicon Valley and the Boston-based MassBio cluster will get an opportunity to meet and establish new contacts.
Invest in Skåne welcomes all players in Medicon Valley to attend and meet potential partners in the medical and biotechnological cluster MassBio.

Meet the team at Invest in Skåne
Anna Chérouvrier Hansson, business development manager, is responsible for the life science activities at Invest In Skåne. With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience, primarily from pharma and medtech companies on various markets and countries, Anna combines competencies in strategic marketing, business planning and B2B negotiations with hands-on experience.

Ulf Åberg, senior business development manager, has been helping companies establish and develop in Skåne for over 20 years. Ulf is an expert in life science and has an extensive network thanks to his previous experiences abroad, e.g. working in Latin America.

Lovisa Sunesson, business developer, recently joined Anna and Ulf to further strengthen the competence in the life science team, since Lovisa holds a Master’s degree in Biomedicine as well as a Doctor’s degree in Molecular Medicine. Lovisa has also previously worked with communication related assignments and lived in New Zealand.