Tis 21 mar / År 41 / Nr 5 2022

Martin Bencher targets emerging markets for further growth

Martin Bencher Scandinavia offers tailored project shipping services focusing primarily on the engineering industry and the transportation of very large machinery. By combining transport by air, sea, road and rail, Martin Bencher ensures a high accessibility to factories worldwide. Each project is unique; Martin Bencher handles all types of cargo which may be part of a project where anything from containers to very large and heavy units is included.

Martin Bencher has a long history, first established in the United Kingdom in 1881. The first Scandinavian office was set up in Denmark in 1997, and since 1999 Martin Bencher operates from Sweden.
Emerging markets are of high priority; Martin Bencher has been operating in China for some years and is now aiming for further developments in the Far East as the company set up an office in Mongolia recently. “This year we have also set up business in Brazil and France in order to coordinate our activities on key markets”, Fredrik Larsson, Managing Director of Martin Bencher Sweden, reveals.

The importance of knowledge, capacity and flexibility
As an independent player Martin Bencher selects carriers with care and only collaborates with companies with proven records. The company’s own network of offices covers a large part of the global key markets, and with an extensive network of partners Martin Bencher can target prominent markets and clients all over the world.
To ensure successful handling of a project, there must be adequate knowledge, capacity and flexibility, the three keywords also make up the epigraph of Martin Bencher. Fredrik Larsson explains further:
“We are extremely proud of our capacity and competence. Our employees are well-known in the shipping industry for their extensive knowledge which brings about the best in every project. In the same organisation we successfully combine expertise in vessel chartering, container shipping, trucking, air freight, rail services and project management”.

Challenges and opportunities
In project shipping, clients often contact Martin Bencher up to two years beforehand. The marine industry and shipping market has changed however, and it is hard to predict the future even a year ahead. The challenge becomes evident; with insecurities on the import and export markets, project shipping and forwarding companies such as Martin Bencher face a new situation requiring a high level of flexibility.
“Despite the challenges, we do not experience the same anxiety as we did three years ago. We have identified potential in the emerging markets and we are at the same time working on strategies for broadening our business areas further”, Fredrik Larsson concludes.

Meet the Martin Bencher Group
Martin Bencher has 19 offices in 13 countries. With just under 100 employees the Group meets the demands of a global market where project shipping and forwarding services are the core activities. Martin Bencher is headquartered in Aarhus, and is a member of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders as well as the global forwarding network GPLN.