Tis 29 nov / År 40 / Nr 4 2022

Mertz makes the environmental aspect a number one priority

Mertz Transport AB is an independent transport- and logistics service provider operating all over Sweden and Northern Europe. Through partnerships Mertz offers tailored solutions to suit the most complex needs. Strategically headquartered in Malmö, Mertz has the advantage of operating close to key markets in Europe.

Mertz is represented locally in the three largest cities in Sweden; Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The terminal in Malmö offers efficient handling services to clients in the southern regions of Sweden, securing Mertz’s position as an important part of the import – export chain.

Female drivers welcome
Established in 1971, Mertz is built up by genuine experience of the Swedish transport- and logistics service sector. Mertz offers a comprehensive range of services to distributors operating all over Sweden, with special focus on the southern regions.
Mertz has over 80 vehicles for transporting goods of any kind, and the competence necessary to handle for example dry, fresh and frozen foods.
As part of the growing Oresund Region, Mertz sees a great potential in expanding across the Northern European market. The company currently employs 120 people.
“We welcome more female drivers, a scarce resource. By applying equal opportunities with the same wage to female and male drivers, we hope to see more female applicants in the near future”, Vice President Thomas Jörme explains.

Addressing environmental issues
Mertz is certified according to the quality index ISO 9001. The goal is to certify the entire company according to the standards of ISO 14001 as well, underlining the company’s focus on the environmental issues. Thomas Jörme on the ambition:
“We are always striving to upgrade our core functions in order to reduce our overall impact on the environment. When investing in new vehicles, we consider the environmental aspect and choose the best option from an economic and environmental perspective. In addition, we educate all our drivers in eco-driving to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible”.

At the forefront in new technology
At Mertz, all cargo and vehicles are under digital surveillance, ensuring the best possible security and continuity for goods, staff and clients.
“We have equipped our distributors with hand-held computers for efficient handling of receipts and claims. We will continue to upgrade our processes to ensure that we are on top concerning new technology, driving methods and environmental-friendly solutions”, Thomas Jörme concludes.