Ons 24 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Navix expands with local shipowner

Navix Maritime Chartering is constantly ready for new challenges, and yet again reaching a milestone with a new partner joining the group. The Swedish tanker business Tarbit Shipping complements existing partners within Navix.

With 24-hour accessibility all year round, Navix can always promise fast and professional handling.
“Developing our business with yet another shipowner has long been up for discussion. At the same time, we are picky about our partners. Only those who fit into our existing profile and atmosphere are welcome, and they must always be a complement to our existing partners,”, says Kjell Frömyhr, Commercial Director at Navix.
In Tarbit Shipping, Navix saw an opportunity to reach another milestone. The Swedish shipping company originates from the West Coast, just like Navix. It also has the perfect match of vessels in terms of size – which of course is of great interest to Navix as a maritime chartering company.

Long-term business only
Navix is ??an extremely innovative company but at the same time built on old traditions with expertise preserved from Broström’s years of fame in Gothenburg. This includes a culture of professionalism as a legacy from the Broström heritage. This is reflected throughout the corporate culture and is reflected in the attitude of everyone working at Navix today.
The atmosphere is conscious, as CEO and co-founder Mats Andersson emphasises: “We strive to create a special feeling that all visitors can take home, and this makes a visit to Navix something to remember”. A very smart move in an industry where good relationships mean everything.
Mats Andersson continues: “Tanker chartering is by far based on personal relationships, as well as in-depth knowledge and experience. It is a business that places high demands on us as a chartering company. Therefore, we were very careful to establish our strategies from the very beginning, and we reap the benefits of that wise decision today as only the best players are left on the market”.
Today, Navix charters about 15 tankers within very long partnerships with family shipping companies in Sweden, Norway and Greece. The fact that Navix can deliver what’s promised is highlighted not least by the successes that characterise the customers’ businesses.
“When the shipping companies are stable and able to invest, it obviously benefits us too. We support or clients all the way, always prepared to take calls and always on the go. I think that is why we have managed to establish such long contracts with quality shipowners”, says Kjell Frömyhr.

Environmental focus
Om the subject of being picky about who to collaborate with – Navix can proudly present partners with strong environmental focus. Donsötank is one of the family shipowners making up the Navix fleet. They have ordered two new tanker vessels of 22.000 dwt each, built with LNG propulsions and even with electrical shore connections and battery packs.
Tarbit Shipping has installed LNG on their vessel Bit Viking – which was in fact the very first LNG-fuelled tanker in the world and thus making Tarbit Shipping a leader in environmental thinking within tanker shipping. This experience is of course regarded as added value to Navix and its owners.
Arne Blystad was in turn one of the first intermediate owners in Europe who invested in scrubbers, a pollution cleaning technology, in not one but three vessels – all under commercial management of Navix.
Evidently, shipowners placing vessels within the Navix fleet are looking at bettering themselves with environmental solutions, all in different ways but with the same goal. The end goal is to offer more efficient and better transporting alternatives with a smaller environmental footprint.

New business must benefit existing partners
In DPP (Dirty Petroleum Products), Navix is ??already a market leader in Europe. The next step is to establish business in Intermediate Clean Petroleum Products (CPP) and further develop and strengthen the position within DPP in northern Europe. At the same time, Navix will never compromise on quality and good relations.
“We only work with shipowners who have long-term goals and who can supplement the business we already have. Here, Tarbit Shipping is a good example. When we bring in a new shipping company and start chartering their vessels, it must be a business that also benefits our existing partners – otherwise we will decline collaboration altogether”, says Mats Andersson.

Personality is everything
It is a slightly different way of thinking if compared with traditional industries such as automotive or manufacturing. Navix also applies the same long-term approach to recruitment.
“As we are a small organisation working closely together, it is important to find people who complement and strengthen the group as a whole. New partners must be able to build and maintain customer relationships as well as being able to maintain our internal culture. Personality is everything”, concludes Mats Andersson.