Tis 29 nov / År 40 / Nr 4 2022

Newsec – The Full Service Property House in Northen Europe

Newsec is a leading property consultancy firm based in Sweden focusing primarily on the Northern European market. By offering a comprehensive range of services to property owners, investors and to occupiers of premises in the business areas of advice, transactions and asset management.

Newsec was founded in 1994 as an advisory and asset management provider focusing on the Swedish market. Successful collaborations soon led to the company extending its view to include other Nordic countries and eventually becoming one of Northern Europe’s leading property consultants.
Today, Newsec offers specifically tailored services in the areas of transactions, advice and asset management. “We believe in long-term partnerships and we often act as our client’s in-house department”, Niklas Alm, Communication and Marketing Manager, states.

Offers tailored advice
By quickly identifying business opportunities Newsec offers reliable and efficient advice to clients – both established real estate owners and prospective property owners. Newsec applies extensive research and uses unique forecasting methods in order to tailor professional advice in areas such as property acquisition, investment, energy, business development and capital development projects.
Marie Bucht, Head of Advice, explains: “We possess all the necessary specialist knowledge in all areas that affect the property market, and can therefore offer accurate advice in the best interest of our clients. We have access to the most extensive information network available in our field, a fact that underlines our core ambition which is to provide reliable advice related to transactions and asset management”.

Helps clients maintain an active role
In recent collaborations Newsec has been an important partner providing solid investment advice to clients wishing to combine property ownership with asset management related to wind power plants.
“With an increasing awareness of properties’ impact on the environment a trend shows that an increasing number of property owners try and integrate renewable energy such as wind power into their own asset management”, Omid Ashrafi at Newsec Transaction explains and continues: “Not only does an active role in the area of renewable energy benefit the company in terms of having less impact on the environment, it is also a way to provide for a cost-efficient energy-supply to the properties”.

International collaboration
As a Full Service Property House built on research and forecasting of the Northern European market and with about 550 professionals in 7 countries delivering fully integrated services, Newsec is a natural choice. Through a well supervised international network of 6,000 consultants Newsec can also offer an extensive web of services on a global market.