Sön 4 jun / År 41 / Nr 1 2023

Northern Offshore Services – pioneers on the northern European market

Northern Offshore Services, established 2008, has developed a new type of high-speed catamaran vessels specifically built for superior performance and high efficiency. The vessels are primarily used to transport engineers to offshore units such as wind power plants. The comfort levels are therefore high, and some vessels also have large cargo decks for carrying equipment and supplies.

Northern Offshore Services started with one vessel in 2008. Today, only three years later, the company operates ten vessels of various sizes and types. The company was founded by one Administrator and three Master Mariners, all specializing in areas that complement each other.

All major energy suppliers as clients
Northern Offshore Services were one of the first out with this type of solution and are now servicing all the major energy companies that have offshore wind farms in Scandinavia and northern Europe.
“This is a previously unexplored market and we are proud to introduce high-speed catamarans with high comfort, suitable for carrying passengers”, Managing Director David Kristensson explains.
The market is highly competitive with new developments being launched rapidly. In order to keep ahead Northern Offshore Services are keeping a high level of flexibility offering clients fast and efficient service.

Outstanding flexibility
The company’s mission is as communicated to provide safe and reliable transportation of personnel and equipment to the offshore industry. In addition, Northern Offshore Services’ catamarans have acted as for example diver-, VIP- and stand-by vessels.
The flexibility is outstanding; the fleet consists of several multipurpose vessels able to carry cargo up to 50 000 kg and crew at a high cruising speed.
Core values are high efficiency, safety, reliability, strong performance, environmental care and extremely high levels of know-how integrated in all services provided. In order to realise the mission the crew has been trained and educated to meet every national and international regulation necessary for the industry.

Excellent service
The catamarans can be fully recycled for the sake of the environment, and care is taken during construction to eliminate waste of materials and resources. Northern Offshore Services is a partner to count on, both when it comes to client-oriented development and the offering of excellent and timely service.