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OncoPulse – using MR-cameras in a new way to detect cancerous cells

Region Skåne is as previously communicated a stronghold of resourceful and innovative companies and public institutions operating in the field of life science. Local knowledge-based chemistry consultants Colloidal Resource introduced OncoPulse back in 2008, thereby revolutionising the way cancerous cells are detected and monitored.

Colloidal Resource AB was founded by Karin Bryskhe and Anna Stenstam in 2005, both with PhD exams in Physical Chemistry from Lund University. Daniel Topgaard, also pursuing a PhD in the same department, presented a remarkable innovation that Colloidal Resource (through CR Development AB) commercialised as OncoPulse, winner of the yearly Innovation Prize in Lund in 2008.

Unique innovation
OncoPulse is a unique innovation aiming at a new method to diagnose breast cancer by using MRI without tissue sampling. The method enables for comprehensive monitoring of the cell membrane, by showing how water travels in and out of the cells.
“This is the next step in the traditional use of the magnetic resonance camera. Using our method, we can look at any cells in the body, without interfering with them in any way”, explains Anna Stenstam.

Colloidal Resource – a catalyst promoting growth
Colloidal Resource has been referred to as a catalyst; creating growth for its partners and clients. “As an example, we often work with small but innovative seed companies at Ideon Science Park, offering them not only the resources available at Lund University, but additionally our own know-how and expertise. At the same time, we are working closely with global giants such as Procter and Gamble – anything is possible!”, Anna concludes.