Sön 4 jun / År 41 / Nr 1 2023

Örebro Science Park in new ventures with great potential

Örebro Science Park has two missions. The first is to build a platform for collaboration, a meeting place in close proximity to prominent research conducted at Örebro University. The second mission is to establish a sustainable long-term development arena. The physical and creative venue and the virtual development arena will enable businesses to grow and develop new ideas together with researchers and representatives from the public sector.

Örebro Science Park has been established to create great synergy between local companies and external stakeholders within the framework of three profile areas: Distribution, Nutrition and Robotics. Örebro Science Park is under continuous development with support from several investors, namely the regional and county councils of Örebro, the Örebro municipality, Örebro University, Inkubera and Robotdalen. Substantial funding is also obtained from the EU.
The profile areas of Robotics and Nutrition are so far the most developed within Örebro Science Park, both with a clear focus on improving healthcare and increase the quality of life for patients particularly in geriatric care.

Promoting new robotic technology in healthcare
The so called Ängen’s research and innovation apartment is an important part of Örebro Science Park’s development profile area of ​​robotics. The apartment is the result of a joint venture of robotics research at Örebro University (AASS), Örebro Municipality, Örebro County Council, NovaMedTech and Robotdalen, and an additional number of companies in various industries.
The apartment has a number of technical solutions installed. These applications are studied and verified by their ability to improve quality of life for the elderly by providing greater autonomy as well as greater integrity. The solutions include communication aids, alarm functions and custom-made furniture. Various companies have in close collaboration with the academic research team equipped the apartment with different solutions in robotics, home automation and sensor technology.

A great opportunity
Researcher Amy Loutfi, who originally contacted Örebro Science Park with a request regarding appropriate facilities at Ängen, has expressed great enthusiasm for the multi-disciplinary project that has evolved. “We see great potential for various technologies to communicate with each other and provide an overview of future smart homes”, she says.
The establishment of the research and innovation apartment is a new venture with great potential. New partners are added continuously.
“We find it most interesting to be a part of the development of future housing for the elderly. Sweden’s population is aging, and the number of elderly people is ever-increasing. This places new demands on the home environment. In order to encourage development, we welcome new businesses to take advantage of the benefits we offer through collaboration based on our resources at Ängen’s research and innovation apartment”, explains Merit Israelsson, Director of the Örebro Science Park business area Robotics.

Moving forward in nutrition
Örebro University has recently been granted 78 million SEK from the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) and the industry in order to explore how diet and intestinal bacteria affects both the stomach and brain functions. The money is dedicated to a new research environment that is intended to develop innovative approaches to prevent and treat common diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), depression and age-related intestinal problems.
The Knowledge Foundation contributes 36 million SEK to the new research environment, and the rest comes from businesses in the food and health industry. The Örebro County Council will also be an important partner as well as Örebro Science Park where profile area Nutrition is under development.
The research environment is based mainly on the expertise that already exists at Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital, but will also cooperate with research groups at other universities across the world.

Moving forward in Distribution
Örebro is one of the most successful logistic regions in Sweden. Örebro University is now taking important steps to develop a research environment in the area of distribution to meet the demand in the region and worldwide. Örebro Science Park is involved in this development work and together with the University and the Örebro Regional Development Council the Science Park are new partners in the Vinnova financed project Closer, a project based at Lindholmens Science Park, Göteborg.