Ons 17 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Port of Kalmar has an excellent position in the new Europe

The Port of Kalmar is one of Sweden’s most important hubs for export and import of bulk materials and products originating from the forest and agricultural industries as well as petroleum-based products. The amount of handled cargo has tripled from early 1990:s to 2010, from 0.4 million to today’s 1.3 million tonnes. After heavy investments during 2008 – 2010, the Port of Kalmar is now aiming to develop even stronger focus on service and accessibility.

The Port of Kalmar has placed a strong focus on the European market, not surprising considering the strategically advantageous geographical position right next to the Baltic Sea. The main ambition of Port of Kalmar is to complement other ports in the area, not to compete.
Carl-Johan Nordheim, Managing Director at Port of Kalmar, explains: “With a limited water level we are unable to compete with the larger ports on the eastern and southern coasts of Sweden. We therefore strive to become the best alternative for bulk such as forest and agricultural products, while other ports focus on container cargo and other types of cargo demanding larger capacities”.

Number one for bulk
Cargo flows have increased tremendously at Port of Kalmar, placing it amongst the most important in Sweden for handling forest-, agricultural- and petroleum products. Bulk cargo is also an important part of the overall activities at Port of Kalmar. In fact, Port of Kalmar a significant player when it comes to exporting macadam, chips and steel products.
“Our main strengths are flexibility and accessibility. In order to reinforce our market position, we have invested in new handling and loading equipment such as new cranes, primarily used for handling bulk materials. During the past two years alone, we have invested a total of 50 million SEK in upgrading our dry cargo handling facilities, the oil terminal and new premises hosting personnel and administration activities”.

Favourable position for growing markets
The sound economic position of the port grants a high degree of freedom of action and excellent conditions for further development – especially bearing in mind the favourable geographical position of Kalmar in the new Europe with growing markets in neighbouring countries on the eastern and southern coasts of the Baltic Sea.