Mån 15 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

RTI Electronics helps radiology departments around the world operate safely

RTI Electronics has successfully launched a set of high-quality products based on new technology which simplifies the verification of diagnostic radiology (X-ray) equipment. The innovation ensures a greater level of security for both patients and medical staff by providing better control over the X-ray equipment, thus ensuring less exposure to radiation.

RTI Electronics is an innovation-driven company prioritising research and product development. Global Marketing Manager Pehr Rehnberg underlines the company’s core ambition:
“We aim not only to follow new roads of development, but to create new paths ourselves. As the manufacturers of X-ray solutions are rapidly introducing new models on the global market, we must see to the increasing demand of our own products as a result. We must also provide information and knowledge to our clients, i.e. public and private hospitals world-wide”.

The products – ensuring safe use of X-rays
RTI Electronics was established in the early 1980ies by Chalmers University of Technology students Lars Hernsdorf and Ulf Toll, still sole owners of the company. In 1982, the DIGI-X meter was introduced on the market, the first product of its kind and based on innovations that stem from the University.
At around the same time as RTI Electronics’ own products reached the market, the Swedish government introduced new legislation concerning the control measures of X-ray equipment in hospitals stating that all units must be tested and verified once a year.
The product range developed by RTI Electronics today consists of several different units used for testing and verifying X-ray machinery, ensuring that it is safe to use and working as intended. The products differ in measurement and user interface, but have the same core purpose.
In July this year RTI Electronics introduced a new product, Cobia. “Cobia can be used by any radiology nurse in the daily routines of checking the X-ray apparatus’ current condition”, Communications and graphic designer Marie Wendin explains.
The instrument is used to check the input and output from an X-ray tube, ensuring an accurate reading in seconds. The values are read directly on the display, even from a distance. The instrument requires no maintenance and no adjustments, making it exceptionally easy to use.

The market – operating close to key clients
Patient safety and cost efficiency are the two most important values by which RTI Electronics operate. Headquartered in Mölndal, Sweden, the company collaborates with over 60 authorised dealers around the world. Aftermarket activities are also controlled by the site in Mölndal, ensuring that hospitals are granted the best possible service when required.
Sara Wennergren, Sales Manager Nordic and Western European countries, explains: “It is our ambition to provide fast and efficient support when needed. We are able to obtain and repair a product used in a Swedish hospital within a time frame of one week. Our global support ensures a reply to clients within 24 hours”.
RTI Electronics also operate through a subsidiary in USA and representatives in Canada and China, ensuring close proximity to key clients and markets.