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SCA Hygiene Products continues to deliver new solutions based on reliability and sustainability

Innovative and creative thinking is the key to success according to Business Development Director Gunnar Preifors, SCA Hygiene Products AB. Focusing on consumer behaviour and needs, the company continues to develop and manufacture reliable, tailored hygiene products in high demand. Functionality, design, affordability and usability are important aspects that influence research and development activities at SCA Hygiene Products overall. Sustainability also plays a key part throughout the SCA Group, based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

The aim of SCA Hygiene Products is to deliver new solutions to existing problems by introducing new products as well as redesigning and redefining well-established brands such as TENA and Tork. Both are global market leaders and widely associated with high quality and reliability, and the two brands are available in more than 100 countries worldwide, both in emerging as well as in mature markets.

Partners for health care providers worldwide
TENA offers a wide range of incontinence care products of professional quality and is the most used brand within elderly care in the world. As the demographic trends are changing and populations of elderly people growing, the need for TENA’s products increases continuously.
“We like to think of ourselves as partners for health care providers in the context of helping to improve the quality of life for the sufferer by introducing better products. We have the technical and dermatological expertise required to recognise what is really important to manage incontinence”, researcher Rolf Andersson explains.
Comfort, security and discretion are the most important values for any incontinence care product. “We have successfully shifted focus from a product-oriented view to a humanistic view where comfort and a sense of dignity is primary. Comfort incorporates both functional and psychological aspects, and with TENA we aim to improve quality of life for our target groups”, Gunnar Preifors adds.

Solutions for daily hygiene improvement
Just like TENA, Tork is a billion dollar brand with products integrated in commercial, public and private environments worldwide. Focusing on hand hygiene, Tork offers a broad range of products to improve hygiene in general, largely minimising the risks of spreading bacteria and virus infections.
“We have recently introduced a new type of soap for use in public environments. The formula successfully combines germ-killing alcogel with soap’s cleansing ability. The result is an efficient and comfortable product for use in many environments”, Rolf Andersson reveals.

Cooperates with international experts
SCA is the largest private forest owner in Europe, which makes it a major CO2-absorbing lung, of sorts. Sustainability issues are therefore embedded into the daily routines and work in all SCA companies.
SCA Hygiene Products is headquartered in Gothenburg, and the global unit for research and development is also located here. Close collaborations with both University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology are well-established. SCA Hygiene Products has additional R & D units in North America and Asia thus enhancing the cooperation with international experts.
“We are the largest company outside of the USA operating in the field of professional care hygiene products, characterised by over 50 years of research and development. We will continue to innovate and enhance our brands, developing our product portfolio to suit the needs and demands of existing and future markets in all parts of the world”, Gunnar Preifors concludes.