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Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics expands rapidly in Sweden

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics was founded in Gothenburg in 1999. The core intention was to build up a strong network of comprehensive shipping and logistics services based on the dynamic needs of the modern market, where turn-key solutions are favoured and competition significantly high. As a result of a dedicated strategy, Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics has managed to develop tremendously in terms of both capacity and competence.

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics is represented through two Swedish divisions, one being based in Gothenburg and the other at the port of Norrköping. The company has been an established partner in Norway for some time with five operational offices here today.

The dynamic role
Interestingly, Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics’ branches in Gothenburg and Norrköping operate fairly differently, both targeting similar markets but offering a different range of services. Whereas Gothenburg offers tailored shipping services primarily within Ro/Ro, Norrköping is focusing on defined business areas such project transports, chartering, container sales and vessel/transport clearance.
Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics has a dynamic role operating as both Port- and Liner Agent. Clients include global leaders within automotive and heavy equipment producers such as AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, Dynapac, Atlas Copco, Konecranes and Cargotec.
“We represent the Norwegian Ro/Ro operator Höegh Autoliners on a global market focusing on key markets such as the Middle East, the Far East, South Africa, Australia and North America. Our main tasks include providing knowledge, competence and personnel. Our main goal is to ensure a safe and efficient transportation service for our clients and we can guarantee a smooth transfer due to our close collaboration with Höegh Autoliners”, Niclas Vineberg, Managing Director Gothenburg, explains.
Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics is Höegh Auto Liners’ Swedish agent and as such handle the marketing, booking, documentation, and contact with relevant authorities regarding shipping calls. The company is also engaging in clearance operations in Helsingborg on behalf of SCA Transforest.

The Norrköping unit has great prospects
The Norrköping office was set up this year as Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics expands rapidly in Sweden. The unit operates within a wide range of shipping services such as projects and heavy lifts transports, container and bulk shipping forwarding and chartering worldwide. Norrköping Managing Director Kent Carlberg summarises key activities:
“We act as liner and port agents here in Norrköping and in a large number of other ports in Sweden such as Bergkvara, Kalmar, Oskarshamn, Västervik, Oxelösund, Södertälje,Västerås and Köping. Offshore currently presents another expanding market for us. As we operate here in Norrköping, this is naturally our main port and we foresee great prospects for further growth”.
Despite being in operation for only a short while yet, the Norrköping office serves a wide range of clients in the engineering, forestry, agriculture and bio-fuel heating industry and are currently inviting queries from prospective clients.

Improving the environmental impact
The marine industry as a whole is becoming more aware of increasing demands connected to climate change and environmental impact. Niclas Vineberg firmly points out that Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics is no exception.
“We take our responsibility when it comes to the environmental aspect and are proud to announce that Höegh has a core strategy for improving the environmental impact of the company’s operations. As a result, the Höegh Trove is the world’s first vessel with a fully functional and active ballast water treatment system, OceanSaver, on-board”.
Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics is a part of the Björk.Eklund Group. The companies within the group provide versatile transport solutions with all modes of transport and with a local presence, sharing the same elements for best practice and motivation for growth.