Lör 20 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Skaraborg Logistic Center projects new intermodal terminal

Skaraborg Logistic Center, located at the heart of Falköping municipality, is currently under further development as part of the joint ambition of the municipality and country to offer one of Sweden’s most valuable dry ports. Substantial amounts of goods arrive here daily, primarily from Gothenburg, and the need to expand the capacity at the Logistic Center has increased rapidly.

The current intermodal terminal is located close to Falköping city centre. It consists of two industrial tracks reconstructed to serve as a temporary terminal to serve the large capacities of goods arriving mainly from Gothenburg. The demand is expected to increase perhaps up to four times the capacity today, which clearly illustrates the acute need to develop the existing terminal.
“Further investments are now made in order to strengthen the existing logistic services in this area. With an efficient logistic service at the forefront regional companies are at an advantage on both national and international highly competitive markets”, Leif Bigsten, Development Manager at Falköping municipality, explains.

New intermodal terminal in Marjarp
Now at the second stage of the development scheme, a new intermodal terminal is projected in Marjarp, a few kilometres north-east of Falköping city centre. The projected terminals will serve both Stora Enso forest industry and Skaraborg Logistic Center, and be connected to the railway network through two tracks from Falköping city centre.
The terminals will be built so that there is sufficient space between the two buildings, in order to project for another railway track to cut through here in the future, enabling goods to travel in both directions. The construction will also be flexible enough to allow for the terminals to be extended according to future increase in demand.
Bigsten explains that the terminals will be wider than mainstream examples, enabling for easy storage of containers and trailers. Two electrified tracks will run up to the terminal area, and additional tracks can be added to suit future demands.
“This development presents further opportunities to other players interested in setting up business close to the terminal area. Future terminal expansion allows for a new logistics area to be projected south of the existing terminal, as an example. The idea is for more companies to establish business here in order to create an expansive business park for logistics, industry and trade services to flourish in our region”.

Joint effort to develop dry port
Falköping will in the near future become an important hub for efficient logistic services in the region of Skaraborg.
“The Port of Gothenburg is one of our most important partners, representing more than half of the total terminal capacity today. In the future, it is estimated that up to 75 per cent of our total capacity will be dedicated to goods arriving from the Port of Gothenburg. We are as a result aiming to be a secure and efficient dry port, complementing the Port of Gothenburg in that respect”, Leif Bigsten states.
The Dry Port project is a joint effort based on EU commission, involving Region Västra Götaland, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), Port of Gothenburg, University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, and Chalmers University of Technology.