Mån 22 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Skyways reforms and strengthens the total offer

Swedish Skyways is an independent aviation company. By applying an interesting and slightly different approach to traditional Swedish aviation services, Skyways can reach out to a broader client base. Skyways connects a large number of regions in Sweden to Stockholm, where travellers are offered connections to the rest of the world.

The overall vision of Skyways is to offer a tailored service, connecting travellers from each corner of the country to the capital. The ambition is to develop coverage further, successively introducing more destinations, mainly focusing on Sweden. In addition to the existing eleven Swedish destinations Skyways offers a direct line to Copenhagen.
“We offer tailored services to the modern, price-conscious traveller”, Skyways CEO Peter Browall explains. “We are in many respects the only provider to offer such an extensive route map in Sweden, where we connect all the strategic hubs with Stockholm. Our idea is that travelling should be easy, comfortable and efficient. We measure efficiency both in economical terms and in time saved”.

Low price guarantee
Skyways is in many respects regarded as a young aviation provider. The name Skyways was applied in 1993, but the company was in fact founded in the early 1940-ies. What started out as a small-scale agricultural-, taxi- and postal service has during the past 70 years developed into one of Sweden’s most valuable provider of domestic flights.
Strong development has always been at the core of Skyways’ strategic business planning. Few other players have historically introduced as many direct lines as Skyways. The all time high back in 2003 generated passenger figures exceeding all expectations as the counter passed 1 342 000.
Although the last recession brought the total number of travellers down throughout the whole aviation sector, Skyways has kept the promise of always applying the lowest possible prices. Skyways introduced the Low fare calendar in 2008, where single-way tickets start at 497 SEK.
As a result, the number of passengers flying with Skyways has increased over the past two years despite the recession. Children, students and the elderly always fly cheaper with Skyways.

Aviation benefits society at large
Skyways is actively maintaining collaborations with the Swedish Airline Association, Svenska Flygföretagens Riksförbund (SFR), and the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) in order to develop the important environmental issues. The idea is also to illustrate how airlines can compensate for their impact on the environment, as well as showing the public how developing aviation benefits society at large.
“Flying is a time-efficient and necessary method of transportation. If we can optimise our total offer further, all parties concerned will benefit, including the environment”, Peter Browall concludes.