Tis 29 nov / År 40 / Nr 4 2022

Solhagagruppen – providing quality of life with continuity

Solhagagruppen creates and maintains quality of life for all ages, focusing on people with neurological disabilities such as autism and Asperger’s Syndrome as well as adults with obtained brain damage and people with various developmental disabilities. By offering a wide range of services, tailored to each individual’s needs and delivered by experienced professionals with a human perspective, Solhagagruppen provides the sort of support that is required in everyday life while at the same time enabling each individual to maintain a level of independency.

Through its network of collaborating companies, Solhagagruppen offers support to people living all over Sweden and all ages are welcome. The services range from pre-school and school, short-term housing and care homes for young people to residential care for adults and the elderly as well as covering a wide range of work and daily activities for all ages. In addition, Solhagagruppen offers diagnosis and treatment services based on well-established scientific methods and experience. The company also offers the opportunity to attend summer camps and tailored accompanying services when needed.
“It is important to create continuity; our services are based on an approach where we grow with each individual, which means that we are able to tailor our services to suit dynamic needs. People develop all the time, and so do we”, CEO Saila Ström explains.

Applies evidence-based tools
At a very early stage of operation Solhagagruppen decided to adopt a scientific approach where collaboration with various researchers is of great importance to maintain a high level of knowledge and access the latest developments within the field.
“We work closely with researchers based at some of the world’s most prominent universities in order to fulfill our goal; to implement evidence-based tools for assisting people with neurological and developmental disabilities”, Saila Ström continues.
Solhagagruppen has well-established relations with for example University of North Carolina and Dr. John M. Dougherty, widely considered one of the world’s leading experts in dealing with children with autism. Dougherty is the Director of the Greenville TEACCH Center (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children), where a regional program for dealing with autism is provided to professionals as well as diagnostic services, treatment and consultation for persons with autism and their families.
John Dougherty also works very closely with colleagues in northern Europe providing consultation to private and public companies and health care providers as well as training staff in their home country and at the Greenville TEACCH Center. Dougherty also gives lectures on TEACCH as a program model and has appeared in various media presentations in several countries.

Scientifically approved and verified methods
Dr. Dougherty has been highly involved and trained large numbers of staff working in different regions under Solhagagruppen on the subject of how to better capture the users’ needs in terms habilitation and education concerning children, adolescents and adults with autism. The goal is for Solhagagruppen to enhance working-methods to that people with autism and similar neurological disabilities can live a qualitative life where personal goals are achieved.
In conclusion, Saila Ström comments on the Group’s mission to extend collaborations:
“This is a part of our mission, to utilise knowledge provided to us by international experts and to make sure that we keep ourselves updated in terms of current research. Our collaborations, which also contain cooperation with universities closer to us here in Sweden, are important in terms of proving that we have a clear mission to keep our methods updated and verified scientifically”.