Tis 29 nov / År 40 / Nr 4 2022

Spirit – reliable and efficient partner in air cargo handling

Spirit Air Cargo Handling is an independent air cargo handling company built up by more than 45 years of handling experience. By moving in to new, state-of-the-art facilities at Arlanda International Airport, Spirit strengthens its position as prime air cargo handler operating at the geographical hubs of air transportation in Scandinavia.

Spirit was born as a subdivision at SAS Cargo, and in 2004 the company was established as an independent player. With operations in well-equipped terminals at the major destinations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Spirit is a reliable partner in cargo handling offering timely and efficient solutions to suit today’s high demand.

New terminal at Arlanda
The gorvernmental owner of Sweden’s main international airports, Swedavia, approached SAS some years ago concerning the land on which Spirit had its current operations at Arlanda International Aiport in Stockholm. Swedavia needed the land and therefore offered to build a new state-of-the-art terminal for Spirit to operate in. SAS accepted the offer and today Spirit has the advantage of operating in one of the world’s most modern facilities for cargo handling.
The new terminal, now ready for Spirit to start up operation, is a substantial upgrade in comparison to the previous facility at Arlanda which was built in 1968. Spirit’s CEO Björn Kardell explains that “the new terminal will ensure safe and sufficient handling of air cargo for some 10 – 15 years to come, without us having to extend the premises further”.
Kardell further explains that the new terminal allows for safe and efficient handling and storing of loose cargo and cargo in containers/pallets, including all types of special cargo. “Safety is at its most advanced level. The whole terminal area is under camera surveillance at all times, ensuring safe handling and full control over the cargo line”.

Further development
As part of Spirit’s overall ambition, safety and minimal environmental impact are key aspects determining further development of the company’s operations.
In Sweden, Spirit operates in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. The vision entails further development of existing operations, and new products combining a high level of service with timely and safe solutions at strategically favourable locations.
Regardless of what the future holds, the core ambition at Spirit remains: “Safe and efficient air cargo handling is our Spirit”, Björn Kardell concludes.