Mån 22 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Svecon Freight – a one-stop-shop for freight and clearance services

The Svecon Freight Group consists of three strong companies – Svecon Freight AB, Gävle Skeppsklarering AB and Andersson & Lundqvist AB. With activities complementing each other, each individual company strives to strengthen the Group’s position as a number one choice when it comes to clearance and shipping intermediary services.

Gävle Skeppsklarering and Andersson & Lundqvist are both well-established shipping agents, assisting mariners by providing clearance to selected ports along the east coast of Sweden. The recruitment area is along the coast north of and around the region of Gävle. Andersson & Lundqvist is built up by over 120 years of experience in the field, and is one of Sweden’s most trusted clearance providers.
Svecon is initially an intermediary of freight services, focusing on container shipping. By combining services provided by the other players in the Group, Svecon offers a one-stop-shop service guiding shipping companies in the jungle of contacts that any marine transport provider has to deal with; state organisations, port contacts, clients and potential partners.
“We are an important link between mariners and all external parties necessary. The ambition is for us to provide a service that helps our clients’ business to run smoothly”, Daniel Berglind, Managing Director, explains.

Part of an important hub in container shipping
Svecon is also a part owner of the newly reconstructed Port of Gävle with focus on container shipping. In close collaboration with Gästrike Invest, the municipality of Gävle and the Port of Gothenburg Svecon has been an important part in the creation of an important hub for container shipping on the east coast of Sweden. The Port of Gävle is one of Sweden’s three largest ports focusing on container shipping today.

Fully integrated service provider
Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) is a status which indicates to Customs that the company is reliable in the fiscal and security domain. Svecon is certified according to the AEO regulations since about a year, which also underlines the company’s ambition of being a fully adequate partner in freight and clearance services.
“As a local shipping agent we are focusing on close collaborations, personal contacts and providing a great service. As we are certified according to the AEO regulation, we provide a fully integrated service where we take all aspects of our clients’ needs into consideration”, Daniel Berglind concludes.